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Monday, December 31, 2007

Otero Resident Forum Requests Entire Blog Be Included In Public Input To USFWS

Wolf Release by USFWS‏
Sent: Mon 12/31/07


December 31, 2007

Dear Mr. Slown,

It is my opinion, given much research, that the introduction of the wolf anywhere in the 48 contiguous states is ill advised at this time:

1. It is a fact that wolves are not endangered on planet Earth.

2. The Mexican Grey wolf is genetically identical to other wolves.

3. FWS employees are, in my judgment, more concerned about job security than the actual welfare of the flora and fauna that the American taxpayers are paying you to protect.

4. Releasing wolves, or any plant, animal, insect, in an area that does not contain the necessary resources for that living thing to survive is tantamount to murder.

5. Released wolves are necessarily habituated to man and therefore at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to avoidance of man.

USFWS should nix all plans for introduction of the wolf until science favors doing so. Trying to advance agendas without legitimate reasons only weakens USFWS credibility. To use an appropriate cliché, I believe that USFWS is “crying wolf”. You may find a place and time where you need the support, financially and otherwise, of your employer, the U.S. taxpayer. What will you do then?

I co-administer a site entitled Otero Residents Forum which has focused on wolf introduction. Over 2400 visits have been logged to the site from all over the world. The site too voluminous to include here but I request that it be included as public input. The address is:


Janet T. White
P.O. Box 49
Alamogordo, NM 88311-0049
575. (deleted)

Cc: Congressman Stevan Pearce
Otero Residents Forum

Sunday, December 30, 2007


(Parody) We suspect some irrate wolf lover attempted to cause us harm by putting a Mexican Gray Wolf in our mailbox. We discovered the wolf, crammed in the mailbox, and called a federal agency which immediately called the fire department to get the poor creature out of the mailbox. The wolf has been shipped to a petting zoo in Santa Fe county, NM.


Mr. Hemming asked his comments to the Fish and Wildlife Service be published on the Otero Residents Forum. Mr. Hemming never received an answer from the FWS.
Mr. Hemming's comments to the Fish and Wildlife Service:

Sense my questions were not answer on my written request I would like them in the scoping comments.

1. Through research I have found that in the 1700's, 1800's, 1900's and up to present day wolves are known man-eaters. Why did the US Fish and Wildlife service put out the misinformation that there has never been a documented wolf attack in North America?

2. Wolves have stalked, surrounded, cornered, and chased children. Why are you allowing these dangerous predators to do this?

3. Wolves have been reported on the Blue Arizona school playground why have you not put up protective fences to keep these children safe?

4. Reserve public school is trying to raise money to build wolf proof school bus shelters. How come the USFWS is not paying for these shelters?

5. Wolves have been video tape right next to ranch houses. Through research I have found that wolves spread many diseases especially in their feces. Wolves have marked their territory right on ranches, rural homes on front and back porches, corrals, barns and yards common to area children are found. What diseases can these children catch from the wolves?

6. Why did the USFWS service put out the misinformation that wolves make for healthy deer and elk herds when reading studies I find that wolves can completely wipe out deer, rabbits and musk oxen and reduce moose to such low numbers hunting has to be closed?

7. Several ranchers have been forced out of business. In the 1982 Mexican gray wolf reintroduction document I found many facts out. 1. This plan is still in effect. 2. On page 19 first paragraph last sentence ranchers should be economically bought out or otherwise eliminated? 3. Wolves are known livestock killers and many problems would occur. What budget do you have to buy out ranchers? what does otherwise eliminated mean? 4. What budget do you have to pay the ranchers for lost livestock?

8. Defenders of wildlife is not paying for all verify kills on livestock. This is a government program you brought the wolves how come USFWS is not paying for lost livestock?

9. The San Carlo Apaches are suffering huge losses from wolves attacking their livestock. How come you are not removing all the wolves off the reservation as requested by the tribe? Are you breaking yet another treaty with the Native Americans?

10. Spending 10 million dollars on the Mexican gray wolf program it appears to be a failed program why do you keep it going?

Here is some proof about wolves attacking humans.

Iowa Citizen, The 12-09-1892 The 3-year-old child of Peter Lyons was killed and partially devoured by wolves near Kingfisher.

Manitoba Daily Free Press 1-13-1891 woman and child attacked 1 child died An Invasion by Wolves. WICHITA, Kas., Jan. 12.— Wolves are invading the western border counties of Kansas in great pack in search of food, A short distance from Liberal this morning Mrs, Jarvey and her child were attacked by a pack of wolves a few steps from their home, .and while the woman escaped with slight injuries, the child was carried some distance and mangled so horribly that it cannot recover. The men about the place finally beat off the savage beasts.

Bismarck Daily Tribune 10-31-1891 1 child
Oct 30th Mr.Jenson 4 year old son died daughter injured. The wolves had attacked several people along the road. But on Oct 30th a dread day for the Parents. They heard the terrifying screams of their young children. The father armed with a shotgun raced to help. He was to late his 4 year old son was torn to pieces and died. The pack was now working on his 6 year daughter and he was able to drive them off saving her. She had several scratches and bites on her arms from fighting off the vicious wolves.

Janesville Gazette, The 11-19-1891 3 documented wolf killed children St Paul Minnesota 3 children killed and ate by wolves. These are the large vicious gray wolves from Northern Minnesota. The pack was saw fighting over the remains of the 3 children. The children had wandered into the woods by the twin cities. No one knows the finally terror these poor children felt as the savage beast ripped the life out of them. Men taking a shortcut found the wolves and left to get help. Upon returning with a number of armed men the beast would not leave until 2 were shot. Once drove off the grizzly scene of the 3 partial eaten children were found. A huge hunting party was formed to drive the beast away.

I really want the answer to these questions especially the fact that the USFWS has lied to the American public about the dangers of wolves to children. I have a great idea how about not worrying about your job and try telling the truth. A novel concept.

Bruce Hemming
Independent Film Producer

Another Wolf Comment Moved to Front Page

This comment to an earlier post moved to front page. PLEASE do not forget to get your input to Mr. Slown of FWS. Direct link above.

I knew an old indian once, my grandfather, who on occassion would share with me his knowledge of the wild and of the animals in it.

One lesson he taught me was that if you see a wolf, kill it. Not because he was a gun tottin' redskin, but because he said; "The wolve is the only predator in the world that didn't kill just to eat and survive, but also killed because they enjoyed killing". A fact that can be substanciated by many a rancher who has come across several cattle that were killed by wolves but not eaten.

Environmentalist would have you believe that this animal is largely mis-understood and is in point of fact a cuddly critter, much like a dog who just needs to be loved and cared for and allowed to run free. Well guess what. I've seen packs of wild dogs that are just a vicious as a pack of wolves, so that argument doesn't hold much water. But of course the enviromentalist say it with such sencerity that you just have to believe them. And if you don't they'll sue the crap out of you until you do.

Common sense has absolutely nothing to do with environmentalism. At least not from the perspective of saving a species. It is my considered opinion that it has more to do with real estate than anything else. It doesn't have to involve the wolf. It could be the ring tailed wombat, or the blue nose checker spotted, winged field mouse. I say this because past history has shown, that if there isn't an endangered species available in the area that the environmentalist want to take control of, they will create one. And they have been caught at it on several different occassions.

A good example of this is the Spotted Owl. You know I discovered an interesting fact a while back. Cloudcroft, New Mexico is the only place in these United States that I know of, where you can get "Spotted Owl Helper". It's similar to Hamburger Helper. Just add Spotted Owl for a tasty treat. It also goes well with a little red wine, and ranch style beans on the side.

I mean, here is a bird that is so anti-social to its own kind that its no wonder its dying out. Logging has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Once the environmentalist managed to stop the logging they decided that it was time for Cloudcroft to go and they next created the Checker Spotted Butterfly. If they had gotten what they wanted on that one, no one would have been able to drive to or through Cloudcroft essentially killing the village all together. And now they are trying once again with the "Mexican" Grey Wolf. Sorry! no such critter! And if there were I believe that the INS sould be involved simply because the only "Mexican Grey Wolf" that I know of is an old retired drug runner out of Nogales.

Joking aside, the reason the grey wolf was on the endangered species list was because they were hunted down for the killers they are. And if they are re-introduced into Otero County again, it will happen again... Hmmm... I have a spot in my livingroom that could use a good fur rug....

December 25, 2007 10:37 PM
Bill English

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Charles Walker's Letter to USFWS

I took the liberty of posting Mr. Walker's letter without his permission. You can do that when you are dealing with the most upstanding, honest people you could ever hope to meet, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker.

December 28, 2007

Mr. Brian Millsap
State Administrator
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
New Mexico Ecological Services Office
2105 Osuna N.E.
Albuquerque NM 87113

Re: Wolf

Dear Mr. Millsap:

I am a cattle rancher in Otero County NM. I am 85 years old and have spent all my life ranching in Otero County.

My grandfather and father were both lifelong ranchers who came to the Sacramento Mountains in 1887.

There were wolves here when they came to this area that were called “Lobos.”

The government put a $50.00 bounty on wolves because of the severe damage they did to the livestock business.

The crippling, harassing and killing of animals is well documented as well as the threat to human life.

Therefore, I am against the government’s managed wolf program with the proposed intention of releasing additional wolves in New Mexico or increasing the proposed area in which wolves are proposed to be released.

I am a member of many farm and livestock organizations. They were all against the government’s release of wolves when the program first started and continue to be strongly against the release of any additional wolves in New Mexico.

The many sporting groups, that I am aware of, are also against releasing wolves because of the threat to wildlife that wolves have.

The hunting and fishing industry is a multi-million dollar industry not only in New Mexico, but throughout the United States.

The sportsmen and women bring significant revenues to the local economies, counties and states which has the probability of being drastically reduced with the release of any additional wolves.

The hunting and fishing industry has already been severely impacted in those areas where wolves have been released as evident from the continual information received from the Gila area of New Mexico.

The revenues lost to wolf depredations in both the livestock and hunting and fishing industries cannot be recovered and should not be tolerated.

The U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service should furnish unbiased and “Sound Science” information to the public instead of attempting to protect their jobs.


Charles Walker
Sixteen Springs Canyon
Cloudcroft, New Mexico


(Parody) The controversy over wolf reintroduction into southern New Mexico has fanned the flames of a heated debate between ranchers and wolf advocates. Livestock and family pets belonging to ranching families have fallen prey to wolf packs. Environmentalists and wolf advocates insist the wolf is a beneficial predator essential to the ecological well being of the region. Ranchers complain their cattle and family pets don’t stand a chance against ravenous wolf attacks. Wolf advocates counter with arguments that essentially call for removal of ranchers, livestock, family pets and line dancing from the region.

An equitable solution may be in the making. The Otero Residents Forum has learned that famed geneticist ‘Bill’ has bred miniature gray wolves in captivity. Working in a secret facility, Bill has used genetic engineering to reduce the size of a Gray Wolf, from the larger animal familiar to both sides of the debate, to a much smaller animal the size of a jackrabbit. Bill’s rationale is to give other animals, both domestic and wild, a fighting chance when encountering wolf packs. Bill insists the smaller version of the wolf has all the natural instincts for survival and maintaining wolf society, in a smaller package.
“Imagine if you will”, Bill explains; “You walk outside and there’s a miniature gray wolf on your porch, eyeing your dog’s food dish. Instead of fleeing back inside the house, in fear of your life and abandoning your dog to certain death; you grab a shovel and smash the little critter. Then you just scoop it up and drop it in a specimen bag and mail it to the Fish and Wildlife Service”.

Bill believes the miniature wolf packs will feed primarily on smaller rodents, insects, the endangered Mexican Spotted Owl, road kill and bird seed. Wolf advocates criticize the creation of a new genetically bred mini-wolf as unfair to the animal and against the morals of environmentalism. Bill counters this assessment with, “Who cares what those guys think? We can release these little wolves anywhere we want. Those people have no say in miniature wolf reintroduction. We’re releasing them on public lands; not environmentalist owned lands. The environmentalists have no standing in this debate. They’re from out-of-town, don’t rely on the land for their livelihood and talk like they have some right to come in here and disrupt the community. My next project will be to genetically engineer little environmentalists a fellow can just stomp on like a bug”.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


From the Department of Interior Office of International Affairs website:

"National Park Service (NPS) staff recommendations and those of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO regarding sites to be included in a new U.S. World Heritage Tentative List were published on October 31, 2007 in the Federal Register for public comment. All comments received will be considered by the National Park Service and the Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Fish and Wildlife and Parks and the Secretary of the Interior for their use in developing a final U.S. Tentative List to be submitted to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre by February 1, 2008. The NPS staff recommendations, along with recommendations by the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO, appear at the end of this release. Public comments were accepted until November 30, 2007."

We won't know until Febuary of 2008 if White Sands National Monument is still on the WHS Tentative list....or will we?


From October, 2007:

The Fish and Wildlife Service will fund $5,798,791 to international conservation grants in 47 countries. Link:
Included in these grants is funding for designating additional RAMSAR site. If you don’t know what a RAMSAR site is, we’ll help you out.
In 1971, the United Nations got together and held the Convention of Wetlands, in Ramsar, Iran. The convention set forth the ‘framework’ where by wetland conservation and designation would begin on an international scale.
Link to Ramsar site:
The treaty and wetland designation has been another non-voter issue in the United States.
Private property owners can have their land declared a wetland and loose the use of their property and even be jailed for violating federal regulations imposed on their own lands!
Copy this link to a search engine to go to the Private Property Rights Foundation of America to view comprehensive case history of this abuse of federal power:


The Center for Hysterical Diversity released a study alleging cattle in Otero county eat endangered species of bats. According to the study, cattle stalk the endangered bats in caves and abandoned buildings, scale the walls of the cave and eat the endangered bats.
CHD scientists have found endangered bat remains in the scat left behind by these bovine carnivores. Bovine carnivores are suspected as the culprits responsible for a missing wolf pack in Catron county. The Center blames orchestrated campaigns of misinformation by ranchers attempting to conceal bovine predation on endangered species. Reports of cow packs terrorizing the region have been suppressed by the media due to intense pressure from area ranchers. The Center plans to move ahead with plans to reintroduce the Mexican Great Panda in southern New Mexico.

Lesser long-nosed bat (Leptonycteris curasoae yerbabuenae)
New Mexico and Arizona are home to the Lesser long-nosed bat, listed as endangered on the Endangered Species List.

In July, 2006 the Center for Biological Diversity began litigation for designation of critial habitat for another surrogate species, the jaguar.
View their 2006 press release by copying the link providing, and pasting it in a search engine.


Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 133 / Wednesday, July 12, 2006 / Notices
"Therefore, these features are not essential to the conservation of the species. Further, we are unaware that any physical and biological features within the United States are in need of special management considerations or protection for the purpose of jaguar conservation as jaguar conservation does not require habitat within the United States. Based on this information, we determine that the physical and biological features occasionally used by the jaguar within the geographical range occupied by the jaguar in the United States are not essential to the conservation of the species and, therefore, do not meet the definition of critical habitat."

Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Gift From Janet

I post for your consideration a message I received today. Merry Christmas.

To the Board and Members of Patriots’ Border Alliance, to Minutemen everywhere, to brother and sister Patriots serving our cause:

The second cup of coffee has brought me around to a state of consciousness. The quiet of the Christmas Eve morning leads me to a reflective mood of peace, contentment, and purpose. The rising sun has just begun to illuminate the walls of my home, giving it the warm glow of security that man has treasured through out the eons. My grandchildren’s exclamations of joy, exuberance and fellowship still ring in my memory from last night’s gathering. These remembered expressions create a melody in my ears that sing my mind into a state of fulfillment only a grandfather can know. The yuletide feast is ready. The gifts for the grandkids lie in wait to excite, thrill, and with any luck, convey to those children the love I have for them. I am confident that I have in very earthly ways done my part to set the stage for my progeny to enjoy those small Christmas miracles my tired and cynical brain still hoard as life treasures bequeathed to me by parents and family.

Most of us probably experience similar wishes and hopes this time of year. Each of us works for these same things in different ways. Truly this season promotes a deep reflection in all of us. May we treasure this time with our families and our thoughts. May we strive to hold the love and hope inherent in this season throughout our year, and indeed throughout our lives.

I also recognize that in addition to those who carry my genes – those who will carry into the future my characteristics, loves and passion – I belong to another family. A family not anchored in blood or genetic ties. I belong to a family whose love, loyalty and dedication to one another is based upon the love of ideals. These are the ideals that have provided the entire of mankind its greatest hope for earthly redemption. These are the ideals that tell mankind that justice and freedom can be a natural part of the human experience. These are ties that are strong.

I have, to the best of my ability, provided thoughtful gifts to my progeny. I hope they reflect careful thought designed to recognize the individual traits and passions of the recipient. What gifts may I give my other family – my family of idealists, patriots, and Minutemen? I cannot provide to each a physical gift, thoughtfully chosen. But I hope each and every one of you will accept these gifts of the “heart” I electronically send to you this blessed Christmas Eve.

The first of these offerings is my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you. My gratitude that you exist in this time and in this place of history. I am thankful that you are the selfless, dedicated Patriots that you are. I am inspired by your willingness to sacrifice so much to preserve that which we hold so dear. I am humbled that you allow me to be part of this family, to walk among you as an equal, to be counted as your brethren.

I would like to offer to you my pledge to always stand with you and our cause, keeping pure the goals and methods of our efforts. This pledge contains a commitment to honor your sacrifices and your efforts, never forgetting the familial ties that bind us together in this great quest.If you look closer under our imaginary Minuteman tree you will find, wrapped in thoughtful dedication, my acknowledgement of my accountability to you, my Minuteman family. With this acknowledgement comes my assurance that every word I write or speak, every action I take, every course I suggest will be designed to insure the integrity of our cause and our organization. You will also find my prayer that the day never comes when you find yourselves trying to explain an ill-conceived statement or reckless course of action initiated by myself.

The final offering from my Christmas sack is the awareness of the great gift we have been given. Whole generations have lamented that they lived in times of boredom. Bereft of great challenges they mourned the opportunity to show their greatness, their courage, and their nobility. We are blessed that we are living in a time of great challenge – in a time which heroes can live. We live in a time where nobility can be exercised by those who have the capacity. How fortunate that the creator gave us an era in which the best of our instincts and spirits are given a dramatic stage upon which to play out the courage and nobility that lives in each of you. God be praised that no one will say that this “family” lived lives of quiet desperation. I hope each will embrace this gift and be thankful that we were given the opportunity to live a life of dedication to something larger than ourselves.

Bob Wright

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Otero County Commission Meeting 12/20/07

Tonight at the Otero County Commission meeting, much of the time was used taking input to the proposed Elk Ordinance. The commissioners made the point repeatedly that they will continue the input process to get the wording of the ordinance in alignment with the desires of the county. Several citizens had specific suggestions, one was to include farmers' concerns along with those of ranchers' and hunters'. Lou Woltering, Lincoln National Forest Supervisor, suggested two changes to definitions. Ms. Woods from High Rolls gave her opinion that the state and feds are doing a great job in managing the resources and that the Elk Ordinance was not necessary. She went on to say that she didn't want any of her taxes to pay for damages caused by elk. The reporter will report this. What she won't report is this:

The Commissioners were asked the circumstances of Dr. Martin Moore's (County Manager) termination and/or release. A "Public Records Inspection Act" letter requesting documentation, email, communications, etc., was proferred but not accepted by Chairman Doug Moore. I will make the necessary trip to the court house tomorrow to fill out the "required forms" and have them time and date stamped. Stay tuned.

"Wolves" Comment Moved to Front Page

Otero Residents Forum received this comment 12/19/07 to the post "Otero County Ordinances - Full Text". This comment deserves front page attention.

...a caller on the Mike Haymes Radio Show on 12/19/2007 told of seeing Wolves along the Sacramento River Road. I have hunted the high country around Sierra Blanca and the White Mt. Wilderness and can tell you that there are "Wolves" there also! These animals have evolved into 'NON-howling' animals and are very shy of humans because it is well known that 'howling wolves' are 'dead wolves'. I have historical photos of 'dead Sierra Blanca wolves' from the early 1900's - They were never entirely eliminated! Very few enviromentalist "wackoos" ever venture into the areas where these animals still exist, if ever! Only true 'Outdoorsmen' can appreciate these animals anyway!


I came upon a great article by Michael Oppenheimer in Social Research. I was researching non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who advise the Endangered Species Act. I urge everyone who questions the scientific data much of the ESA is based on, to read Mr. Oppenheimer's article. The article does not offer conclusive bias in ESA decisions and policy but it does ask some provocative questions. The article can be viewed at:

I will post a link above in the long and confusing list of other links and titles concerning wolf reintroduction and other issues above the posting section of the blog.

Publication: Social Research
Publication Date: 22-SEP-06
Delivery: Immediate Online Access
Author: Oppenheimer, Michael

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cattle, Chickens, Pigs, Turkeys, Sheep, Goats, Bison, Horses, Camels, Llamas, Deer and More To Be Injected With Transponders or ID Tags

The Nation, December 14, 2007

NAIS, which the US Department of Agriculture has been rolling out in concert with many states since 2003, is stunning in its projected scope. Over the next few years each of the nation's 1.4 million farms (plus thousands of veterinary facilities, export/import stations, livestock barns and genetic facilities) will be affected, with all their approximately 95 million cattle, 1.8 billion chickens, 60 million pigs, 93 million turkeys, 6.3 million sheep, 2.5 million goats and every other livestock species, including bison, camelids, cervids, horses and llamas. In all, more than twenty-nine species and more than two billion animals are slated to be fitted with the ID tags or be injected with transponders that transmit, to a national network of databases, information as basic as date of birth and as sophisticated as DNA profiles and chemical-residue measurements in the bloodstream.

The complete article at:

Is another Otero County Ordinance in order, one prohibiting National Animal Identification System (NAIS)? I think so in that other counties in New Mexico have followed suit with the Wolf, Jaguar, Grizzly Bear Ordinance. Let's take the lead again.

Monday, December 17, 2007


An article about a recent study in Africa tells of ranchers hanging burlap bags over wire fences, to keep lions away. According to the study, if the predator can't see its prey, it simply goes away.
Link to study:

In the spirit of species conservation, Otero Residents Forum has some suggestions for utilizing this new dynamic in protecting livestock from predators. WE suggest ranchers simply disguise their cattle. In the picture we have cleverly disguised two cows. One as a house and the other as an old pickup truck: (note the dummy in the pickup truck).

FORUM NOTE: This may not be such a good idea after all. On the second night of disguising our cattle as a house and an old pickup truck; a wolf disguised as a motorboat snuck up to one of the cows and bit it.

Photo link:

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I came upon an interesting book called: Amber Waves of Gain: Gene Ladd, 2005- Chapter Nine-Aligning With the Extreme Right. The publication goes to extremes to cast New Mexico ranchers and the Minute Men as ‘shadowy groups’ intent on terrorism and violence, intimidation of law enforcement and numerous illegal acts. This is an example of the use of detrimental reliance used by environmentalists to sway public opinion in favor of environmental land grabs and programs like wolf reintroduction. I have no proof but I suspect the incidents of violence and threats were orchestrated by the environmentalists themselves in an effort to portray them as victims of violence perpetrated against them by ranchers and the Minute Men. Read the incredulous accounts of how these environmentalists have been terrorized by shadowy groups of terrorists from the ranches of Catron County.

From Gene Ladd’s book: Amber Waves of Gain:

P. 3
“New Mexico is home to one of the original county-supremacy movements.
Catron County’s government was the first to adopt ordinances aimed at seizing control of federal land.”

P. 3-4
“Yet the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau said it was outraged by the police training manual’s reference to that movement and used its influence with the governor and state lawmakers to put pressure on the state police. The New Mexico farm bureau did not let up until the Department of Public Safety agreed to withdraw the manual and recall all copies. By defending its wise-use friends, the farm bureau may have deprived law-enforcement agencies of important information about potential terrorist activities. According to police, two recent attacks on the offices of environmentalists in Santa Fe, New Mexico, may have been linked to one of the militant organizations described in the training manual. On March 19, 1999, a potentially deadly pipe bomb was discovered in the mailbox of Forest Guardians, a group advocating protection of wildlife and public lands. The bomb failed to go off and later was detonated by a Santa Fe police bomb squad. Police say the ball-bearingfilled pipe bomb was powerful enough to kill or seriously injure anyone nearby. The next day, a drawing was mailed to Forest Guardians showing the name of the organization centered beneath the cross-hairs of a rifle scope. The drawing was signed with the initials M.M., which police believe to stand for the Minute Men. This shadowy group has claimed credit for other attacks, including a 1998 nighttime shotgun blast that shattered windows at the Santa Fe offices of Animal Protection of New Mexico.

Before that attack, Animal Protection received a letter also signed M.M. warning, “You are approaching a point where we will hurt you. We are going to make a concerted effort to kill any wolf reintroduced into the wild and poison bison as long as you interfere with wildlife issues.

Both targeted environmental groups have supported wolf reintroduction. Forest Guardians also has filed a number of successful lawsuits leading to curbs on grazing, logging and water use on public lands and better protection of endangered species. There is no evidence that the Farm Bureau has been involved with any of the militant anti-environmental groups. But some observers believe that the bureau’s extreme rhetoric may encourage attacks. “The Farm Bureau sows the seeds of violence with its hateful rhetoric and antagonistic stance on wildlife issues,” says Forest Guardians president Sam Hitt. “The Farm Bureau has created a bigoted and intolerant atmosphere in which acts of violence thrive.” And nowhere is that attitude more apparent than on the issue of predator reintroduction.”

These groups are using urban terrorist tactics commonly used by anti-war groups like the Weather Underground and the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), during the Viet Nam war in the late 60’s and into the 1970’s. Today’s environmental movement includes leftovers from the anti-war movement that have found a home in the environmental movement.

Gene Ladd’s book, Amber Waves of Gain, is described as: The Amber Waves of Gain, How the Government Makes Us Fat and The Spriritual Power to Lose It.
This is a perfect example of detrimental reliance and the propaganda many young people are fed on college campuses and in the environmental movement. Mr. Ladd portrays the residents of Catron County as ‘county-supremacists’, creating their own law and using violence to intimidate the courageous environmentalists and wolf release advocates.
I looked up Mr. Ladd’s book on Amazon. The book is currently unavailable. Mr. Ladd has a radio show on WTBQ-AM; The Only Independent Radio Station Serving All of Orange County and Northern New Jersey. Gene Ladd is nicknamed the ‘Herb Man’ and does his show from the Pleasant Stone Farm in Middletown, New York. Pleasant Stone Farm sells herbs, natural health and beauty products, homeopathic remedies and other herbal remedies and products. Mr. Ladd has a radio show to plug his green business and a book that portrays ranchers in New Mexico as terrorists. Once again we see an Eastern environmental fanatic getting his self-worth, and part of his income at the expense of Americans living in the American West.

The phone number to Pleasant Stone Farm is listed on the website.
The number is: 888-578-4372. I’ll see if I can arrange a phone interview with Mr. Ladd.
I’ll also check into the crimes he alleges were committed and charged, in his book, to anti-wolf advocates and the Minute Men. Environmentalists and wolf release advocates read this blog; maybe they’ll give him a heads up and he’ll contact us.

Mr. Ladd can contact the blog at I promise him I won’t blow up the phone line while he’s on the line.


Excerpts from Amber Waves of Gain by Gene Ladd were found on Google, right out there in plain sight in the public domain.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Santa Fe County Commissioners
102 Grant Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501-2061

To the Santa Fe County Commissioners:

I am writing you to suggest the Santa Fe County Commissioners consider reintroduction of the Mexican Gray Wolf into your county’s forests and mountains. The Mexican Gray Wolf (Canus Lupis) once roamed freely in what are now New Mexico and the American Southwest. This beautiful and powerful carnivore was eradicated to the point of near extinction. The Mexican Gray Wolf is an essential component of the delicate balance in nature between predator and prey.

Governor Richardson advocates for wolf reintroduction.
On October 15-19, 2007 Governor Richardson designated “Wolf Awareness Week” throughout the state. The proclamation is part of a nationwide effort to highlight the essential role of wolves in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

“As keystone predators, wolves play a critical role in maintaining balanced ecosystems,” said Governor Bill Richardson. “We must redouble our efforts to promote healthy wolf populations coexisting with our communities and land stewards – both in New Mexico and across the country.”

I urge the Santa Fe County Commissioners to work with the Fish and Wildlife Service to establish a healthy Mexican Gray Wolf population in the forests and mountains of Santa Fe County. The contact person at the Fish and Wildlife Service is:

John Slown
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
New Mexico Ecological Services Field Office
2105 Osuna NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113

I’m confident Mr. Slown will be as enthusiastic as Governor Richardson regarding wolf reintroduction in Santa Fe County. Please query the citizens of Santa Fe County, as I’m sure they would back such a program in their county.

Thank You:


Governor Richardson Designates “Wolf Awareness Week”(Santa Fe, NM) –

" Today Governor Richardson issued a proclamation designating October 15-19, 2007 “Wolf Awareness Week” throughout the state. The proclamation is part of a nationwide effort to highlight the essential role of wolves in maintaining healthy ecosystems.
As keystone predators, wolves play a critical role in maintaining balanced ecosystems,” said Governor Bill Richardson. “We must redouble our efforts to promote healthy wolf populations coexisting with our communities and land stewards – both in New Mexico and across the country."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pete and Repeat

1. Otero County has an ordinance in place prohibiting the release of wolves in or adjacent to Otero County.

2. We the People have the right to ask just how many of OUR dollars have been spent on each wolf: in captivity, in release and in the new habitat, how much to monitor each wolf released, how much to remove each wolf and how much to maintain wolf after removal, or how much to release into new area, and on and on. Don't forget:

In 1990, figures released on the Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico revealed that the whooping crane recovery had more than one million ($1,000,000) in each bird.


A Preview of What's to Come in the Sacramentos?

Federal agency sued by 15 who lost homes
By Jeanette Steele
November 3, 2007

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Forest Service isn't responsible for the 2003 Cedar fire, a federal judge ruled this week.

Fifteen people who lost houses when the 2003 wildfire swept through the Cleveland National Forest sued, saying the Forest Service had a 100-year-old policy of putting out naturally occurring fires to preserve the forest for public use.

The result was unnaturally dense trees and brush, they said. Or, in other words, a recipe for an unholy firestorm.

Complete story at:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Learn the Lies and B.S.

If you can repeat the sentence below without a nervous smile, while maintaining eye contact and not crossing your fingers behind your back, you too can be a government expert. Turns out learning THIS "pretraining" is job security and takes precedence over good science.

Wolves can be pretrained in a controlled environment before they are released in the wildlife reserves allowing for trained adults to teach their offspring to avoid livestock and people. Gerard J. Washburn


Click on the title of this post to read the many articles RL and Pattsy have provided for the blog.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hakimova's Statistics Stimulate Thought

Catron County is the largest county, by area, in New Mexico. At almost 7000 square miles, Catron County is larger than a few Eastern states.,_New_Mexico

After I read JAMOLOV HAKIMOVA's graphs (biologist from Uzbekistan), I got out my calculator.

According to the Department of Interior: FWS Report February 8, 2006
"...Packs typically occupy large distinct territories [of] 200–500 square miles ... and defend these areas from other wolves or packs."

I did some calculations and here are the results:

7000 square miles divided by 200 square miles per wolf equals 35 wolves that Catron County can support according to the Department of Interior's own figures.

7000 square miles divided by 500 square miles per wolf is 14 wolves using the Department's higher number.

It turns out that Catron County is over-populated NOW with wolves because they have 57 or more wolves.

Just wait until February when the wolf attacks increase and we may have a killing field in Catron County one way or the other. That is an easy prediction to make. So, the "people cages" at the bus stops will be time and money well spent and not at taxpayer expense. We don't have long to see. Now, have a Merry Christmas, will ya?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

One Simple Question

The Otero County Commissioners unanimously passed, October 17, 2007, an ordinance prohibiting the release of wolves, jaguars and grizzly bears in or adjacent to Otero County.

Since our County Sheriff has sworn an oath to uphold laws and protect the citizens of Otero County, what difference does it make what anybody else says?

Wolf Language 101

Praise for learning Wolf Language 101:

"It is not an easy language to learn but anyone can do it if the motivation is high." Romulus Lupa

And his brother Remus: "If having wolves in your 'backyard' doesn't motivate you, nothing will."

Romulus and Remus are not the only satisfied students of Wolf Language 101. Many after them have gone to suck at the she-wolf tit.

Click on comment box below to see a sample of the course cirriculum.

Friday, December 7, 2007


"...Since 1987, wolves in the NRM also have preyed on domestic animals, including cattle (Bos sp.), sheep (Ovis sp.), llamas (Lama glama), horses (Equus sp.), goats (Capra sp.),and dogs (Service et al. 2005)."

"...Packs typically occupylarge distinct territories (200–500 squaremiles (mi2) (518–1,295 squarekilometers (km2) and defend these areas from other wolves or packs."

"...Females and males typically begin breeding as 2-year olds and may annually produce young until they are over 10 years old. Litters are typically born in April and range from 1 to 11 pups, but average around 5 pups (Service 1992a; Service et al. 2001)."

Wednesday, December 5, 2007



Monday, December 3, 2007

What To Expect At The Wolf Meeting

Oh, no, not another informational workshop! Does consensus building or the Delphi principle ring a bell?

"Informational materials about the Mexican gray wolf reintroduction program

A continuous overview presentation for participants to watch at their convenience

One-on-one opportunities to provide information to Adaptive Management Oversight Committee (AMOC) representatives and agencies’ staff, and ask them questions about the rule change and EIS process. Questions about the process will be answered, but issues will not be debated.

Comment cards for participants to submit written comments during the meeting, or during the comment period which ends December 31, 2007"

Paintballs, A Deterrent To Wolves?

"The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would like to allow people living in Mexican gray wolf country to harass wolves by hitting them with paintballs when wolves are in the vicinity of livestock and human residences. Paintballs deliver a stinging blow that will scare the wolf away and reinforce their natural fear of humans. The permitted use of paintballs will give citizens who encounter wolves a legal means to harass problem wolves. The sting of a paintball will encourage the wolves to stay away from places where there are humans. The goal is to keep wolves wild by diminishing interactions with humans, and decreasing the removal of wolves from the wild."

Again, we don't make this stuff up, we just report it.

Read the complete article at:


Dear Editor:

The article, “Wolf Forum Dec.3” in the November 23rd issue of the AND is one of the most biased articles I have ever read.

Essentially the article provides all of the glowing information about the benefits of wolves from the wolf supporters prejudice point of view but there is no mention about the many problems that the residents are having where wolves already exist or where the wolves have been forced upon the residents by the federal government with the continual support of the animal rights activists and liberal judges.

But the wolves are “Endangered”. Another fabrication. There are literally thousands of wolves in Alaska and Canada, they just aren’t in this area.

But these are the Mexican Grey Wolves. At the El Lobo Forum that was held at NMSU Las Cruces several years ago, some “wolf experts” stated that genetically all wolves are the same. They are called differently according to where they are located.

I receive information on a continual basis from a number of different states about the problems that residents are having where wolves already exist or where they have been released under the guise of the Endangered Species Act.

Just today I received a lengthy document from the Gila Livestock Grower’s Association (GLGA) stating that 10 cows and calves and a horse that have been confirmed killed by wolves since June and 5 other calves that have been confirmed killed by wolves since October.

That doesn’t include the domestic animals where there is evidence of kills, but no trace can be found. It is readily apparent that the wolves eat everything including the hide and bones.

According to the GLGA report, Gila ranchers and homeowners have reported 27 uncollared wolves within this past year with no investigation by the Wildlife Managers.

How many wolves are in the Gila?

If anyone knows the truth it is not being disclosed.

The AND article states in part, “livestock losses by wolves are reimbursed by Defenders of Wildlife”.

Another myth.

Actually very few reimbursements have been made. It has been extremely difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt of a wolf kill. The ranchers in the Gila have stated that essentially it takes video camera evidence of the kill taking place with date/time information recorded on the film to confirm a kill.

Wolves are valuable for the health of the ecosystem.

The last known wolf in Otero County was killed by government trapper, Ellis Wright, at least 60 years ago. The exact date is unknown, but Mr. Wright died in 1977 and was 83 years old when he died.

New Mexico and Otero County, and especially the livestock industry, have prospered very well for many years without any wolves.

The commercial livestock industry has been a major economic factor in New Mexico for many decades and in Otero County for over 125 years.

Where wolves have been re-introduced, the livestock and wildlife industries have taken major economic hits.

The same will be true if wolves are forced on Otero County.

It is time to draw a line in the sand and do whatever is necessary to keep that from happening.


R L Posey

Sunday, December 2, 2007

(The remarks in italics are from the forum administrator. The links credit the text from which the information is referenced from.)

The SECURE WATER ACT: S2156 In its entirety.

I’ve provided text from existing transboundary water treaties, as well as specific pages with tables and figures for the reader to bookmark for future reference. Compare the current status of state, federal and international law and ‘binding’ treaties. On the left side of the blog, in that long and confusing list of links, are links to New Mexico water law.

Second International Symposium on Transboundary Waters Management

With the approval of the new National Water Law in Mexico, and the consequent decentralization of the National Water Commission, it is opened the way to the creation of Basin Organisms. Which will have faculties to decide the regional hydric policy, this would allow a better integration of the binational basn council with the states that conform the American side basin of the Rio Bravo/Grande, since each one of it is authorized to decide on its hydric resources.
Given the important nature of the subject of the water in the border zone of the Rio Bravo/Grande, it must be recognized that the investigation around the transboundary water management policies, it must take into account that the political action is quite often a action or adaptation to social or natural crises, instead of being strategic operations guided by a rationality.

Table 1, on Page 3 of this study has contains the following text under ESTANDOS UNIDOS:
All water from Pecos, Devils rivers, Goodenough spring, Alamito, Terlingua, San Felipe and Pinito rivers.

First International Symposium on Transboundary Waters Management
Monterrey, Mexico, Nov. 2003, pp. 155-162

The United States takes twice as much water from the Rio Grande as Mexico does. On average Mexico withdraws 1.2 billion cubic meters of water from the river every year (64 million through the Acequia Madre Canal in Ciudad Juarez, and the rest through the Anzalduas Canal near Reynosa). The United States diverts an average of 2.5 billion cubic meters. In Texas, municipal needs have priority over agriculture and industry in water apportionment between sectors. Thus, as population grows in cities along the border, growers will find themselves with less water for irrigation once municipalities take excess water. On the Mexican side, Reynosa and Matamoros are growing by about 2.5 percent annually. According to Mexican government, the actual population in Ciudad Juarez is almost 1.2 million people, in comparison with almost eight hundred thousand people in 1990.
Yet as projected demand increases, the supply of water available to meet it is expected to
diminish. The four largest metropolitan areas in the Rio Grande basin will present particular problems for future water planning: El Paso/Ciudad Juarez in the upper basin, Laredo/Nuevo Laredo in the river’s middle reach, and McAllen/Reynosa and Brownsville/Matamoros in the
lower reach (Eaton, 1987).

Link to First International Symposium on Transboundary Waters Management

Page 7 of this study displays two maps (Fig.3 & Fig.4) showing the river network of the Rio Grande basin and water bodies of the basin. Note the location of these water bodies in New Mexico and Texas.

The Drought in the Conchos River Basin
The 1994 Treaty requires that the US must deliver annually 1,500,000 acre-ft (1,850 million cubic meters) of water from Colorado River, while Mexico must deliver to the US 1,750,000 acre-ft (2,159 million cubic meters) of water in five-year cycles from the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo and its effluents, mainly the Rio Conchos.
The United States have complied with this obligation, and in a number of occasions have given additional quantities to Mexico when there have been surpluses. Although, there have been Mexican complains about the high salt, pesticides, and fertilizers content of the delivered water.
Mexico supplied the compromised volume of water or more in all but three cycles. During the last two cycles (1992-1997 and 1997-2002), Northern Mexico experienced the most acute drought on record. As a result, Mexico was unable to meet with its deliveries of water to the US. During that time, a serious political pressure was continually increasing, making difficult an arrangement of the situation. A typical move started with a May 2002 press release by the American Embassy in Mexico, which stated that the United States was committed to work with Mexico for designing long-term measures for water conservation. It also said that the situation in southern Texas was pressing, and according to the State Goverment of Texas, the drought had originated the loss of 30,000 jobs and one billion dollar income. The Mexican side also had important losses and Mexico responded that there was not enough water for its own use. Today, there is an agreement between both countries but the troubling scenario of a scarce and fouled water region remains present.

US-Mexico Water Issues



During my research on transboundary water treaties, I found this publication, available from the U.N. for $80.00: Treaty Series 2313 I:41259-41336. This book is described as "every treaty and international agreement registered or filed and recorded with the Secretariat since 1946 is published in the United Nations Treaty Series. At present, the collection includes about 30,000 treaties reproduced in their authentic languages, together with translations into English and French, as necessary." Did 30,000 treaties catch your eye? Don't forget the LAW OF THE SEA TREATY is still being considered for ratification in Washingtion DC. Does DC stand for 'deception'?

Friday, November 30, 2007


I thought I’d share the NEW NORMAL philosophy embraced by the Department of Homeland Security. The NEW NORMAL, as defined by Vice President Dick Cheney, explained shortly after September 11: “Many of the steps we have now been forced to take will become permanent in American life,” part of a “new normalcy” that reflects “an understanding of the world as it is.”

In an address Richard B. Cooper (Business Liaison Director, Private Sector Office, US Department of Homeland Security) gave before the Little Hoover Commission; Cooper refers to the NEW NORMAL. The link to Cooper’s speech is provided on the left side of the blog.

I was linked to this document from FEMA, to Home Land Security, to the document. I researched the NEW NORMAL, and came across a study by the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights. This study is concentrates on human rights as defined by the NEW NORMAL, Home Land Security and the United States involvement in world affairs.
There are some interesting quotes from this study pertaining to liberty.

But the new normal is also defined by dramatic changes in the relationship between the U.S. government and the people it serves. Changes that have meant the loss of particular freedoms for some, and worse, a detachment from the rule of law as a whole. As this report details, the United States has become unbound from the principles that have long held it to the mast.

As the breadth of these examples should suggest, the changes that have become part of the new normal are not limited to the role of the courts. The two years since September 11 have seen a shift away from the core U.S. presumption of access that is essential to democratic government.

…the presumption that government is largely open to public scrutiny, while the personal information of its people is largely protected from government intrusion. Today, the default in America has become just the opposite.

… the work of the executive branch increasingly is conducted in secret, but unfettered government access to personal information is becoming the norm.

As the report that follows demonstrates in greater detail, the U.S. government can no
longer promise that individuals under its authority will be subject to a system bound by the rule of law. In a growing number of cases, legal safeguards are now observed only so far as they are consistent with the chosen ends of power. Yet too many of the policies that have led to this new normal not only fail to enhance U.S. security.

But also exact an unnecessarily high price in liberty. For a government unbound by the rule of law presides over a society that is something less than free.

The other thing I found interesting in my research of FEMA were contributing government departments that shape the agency’s policy. One of the departments that contribute to FEMA’s policy is the PRIVATE SECTOR LIAISON OFFICE (PSLO). In researching the PSLO, I was lead to international links, which led to the World Bank’s division of the European Private Sector Liaison Office. FEMA makes reference to several international organizations and contributions which shape policy for responding to disasters and disaster mitigation for state and local governments and disaster prone regions; as does Agenda 21, conceived at the UNESCO 1992 Rio Convention.

The reason I bring this up is the influence and trend of our government to either adopt or model policy after global agendas. The International Property Maintenance Code, conceived by the United Nations, is almost verbatim taken from Agenda 21. I’m sharing this ongoing research with blog readers as it progresses, rather than present it all at a later time. At some point, considering the obligations I have to the World Heritage Site invasive agenda, the wolf release programme, and the development of the New Mexico Property Rights Forum, I will have a more comprehensive posting on FEMA, hazard mitigation and how it affects private property rights. Until that time, here is more in the chain of evidence of how customary laws in the United States are being replaced with modern globalist law.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ravens are Habitual Offenders?

"...government reports stated the decline of the desert tortoise was due to raven predation? They stated, "Raven predation will be to the extirpation [total extermination] of the tortoise population." The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decided to kill 1500 ravens. An environmental group immediately sued the BLM. The BLM settled out of court and agreed to kill only 56 ravens providing it could be shown that the ravens killed were "habitually preying on tortoises."

Mexican Wolf Canis lupus baileyi is listed as an endangered species

Some things to consider by: T. R. Mader, Reseach Director
Abundant Wildlife Society of North America

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been used to:

1) Lock up vast areas of land from commodity use, i.e. the northern spotted owl used to shut down timber harvest in the Pacific Northwest.

2) Deprive an individual of their constitutional right of protection of private property, i.e. threat of $100,000 fine and mandatory prison sentence for killing an endangered wolf killing ones' livestock.

3) Deprive one of their property without just compensation, i.e. restriction on use and/or acquisition of land as critical habitat for endangered species.

The following changes, in order to bring balance and to put the human factor back into the ESA, are necessary:

1. Use only a biological and numerical definition of endangered species.

Biological Definition: Only pure species can be listed. No listing based solely upon sub-species, distinct populations or hybridization.

Problem Example: In 1944, Stanley Young and Edward Goldman listed 24 sub-species of the gray wolf. Today biologists feel there are no more than 5 sub-species of the gray wolf. Even these 5 sub-species should be viewed with caution as the biologists cannot tell them apart. The same can be said of the northern spotted owl and California spotted owl.

Numerical Definition: Only those species actually threatened with extinction (very few animals) can be listed.

Problem Example: The gray wolf population of North America numbers between 40,000 and 60,000 wolves. Due to national boundaries and "distinct populations" listings, wolves in Alaska and Canada are not considered in wolf population counts. Thus, the wolf, while in no danger of extinction, is "endangered" throughout the continental U.S., with the exception of Minnesota where it is listed as threatened. The same problem exists with bald eagles and grizzly bears (note: there are over 40,000 grizzlies in North America).

2. The socio-economic impacts of a listing must be considered. The current law makes no such consideration.

Problem Example: Land values in an area of Texas fell an estimated $300 million dollars due to an ESA listing of a songbird - the golden-cheeked warbler.

Also, the impacts of spotted owl listing on the timber industry in the Pacific Northwest. The Wall Street Journal reported a 25% cost increase in wood products which was directly related to the listing of the spotted owl. Thus, the nation, not just loggers, are impacted by the ESA listing of the spotted owl.

3. There must be just compensation on any taking of private property. The constitutional rights of citizens must be protected.

4. Individuals must have the right to protect their livelihoods and control endangered species threatening their livelihoods.

Problem Example: Endangered wolves, grizzly bears or eagles killing livestock cannot be killed by the owner of the livestock. A federal judge has ruled that a person does not have the constitutional right to protect their property from an endangered species. In 1990, over 7,500 sheep and lambs were killed by eagles in the states of Wyoming, Montana and Colorado alone.

5. The ESA must recognize that extinction is a normal part of the natural evolutionary process. The fossil record makes this abundantly clear. Failure to recognize this phenomena will result in wasting expertise and money on recovery programs doomed to failure by this natural process while people lose their jobs and go hungry.

6. Time and Expenditure limits must be placed on studies and recovery plans. The American taxpayer is entitled to fiscal responsibility of government agencies directed to saving endangered species.

Problem Example: In 1990, figures released on the Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico revealed that the whooping crane recovery had more than one million ($1,000,000) in each bird.

7. Accountability must be required of government agencies charged with saving endangered species. This is in two areas: 1) Standards must be set for best scientific and commercial data. 2) Agency personnel must work with the average citizen and not against them.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Box NPS Will Check Off Because The Decision Was Made Before We Even Knew About It

November 28, 2007

Jonathan Putnam
Office of International Affairs
National Park Service
1201 Eye Street, NW (0050)
Washington DC 20005

Re: White Sands National Monument/World Heritage Site

Mr. Putnam:

Attached you will find five letters with signatures of Otero County residents who oppose the listing of White Sands National Monument (WSNM) as a World Heritage Site. These signatures were received at an Eagle Forum meeting yesterday in Alamogordo. Opponents have already tendered over 1,200 signatures to the Otero County Commission.

I am sure you are aware that the Commission passed a resolution and an ordinance prohibiting World Heritage Sites in Otero County. You should be aware that National Park Service employees violated other county ordinances in their planning and generation of the Application. This is all public information available on Otero County’s website.

Otero County residents elected our county commissioners to represent the will of their constituencies and that is exactly what the commission has done. This is what our form of government, a representational republic, is all about.

Mr. Putnam, I believe you have the discretion to make the decision that will remove WSNM from any consideration as a World Heritage Site unless and until the residents of Otero County amend or repeal their prohibition of such designations. In the interest of Otero County and indeed, our form of government, I ask you to do just so. This action would go a long way to restore trust of the National Park Service which is sorely lacking.

If you care to know other valid reasons to not consider WSNM for World Heritage Site designation, I invite you to view This site has generated much interest locally and internationally as shown on the map. We will continue to voice our strong opposition to an unnecessary and ill-conceived and illegal action by National Park Service employees.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Janet T. White
P.O. Box 49
Alamogordo, NM 88311-0049

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We've all been told, or rather had it rammed down our throats, that an unmanaged forest left untouched by man, is the desirable goal and future of forests in the West. When I look at the forests, I see too many stems per acre, root weak and top heavy trees starving for water, an unprecedented build up of under growth, fire ladders everywhere, and the potential for a record FIRE STORM season in 2008. Add to this dry, over grown tinderbox of a forest a WOLF RECOVERY program in Otero County. Here's the scenario as I see it: The wolves are released into the 'wild' in Otero County...a forest already dried out from too many trees. The wolves will find the water sources most readily available, which will be watering sources for ranching and human mountain dwellers. In essence, the wolf recovery program is occurring in an area where water is scarce, thus forcing them to seek water off the forest lands (as we have seen with elk over population), and forcing the inevitable confrontation between wolf and rancher. The rancher will be the loser in this confrontation, whether he gets a shot at the wolf or not. The wolf recovery and potential release in Otero County is one of the most insane policy decisions we've seen in...the last month. It seems Otero County has become the petre dish for environmental experimentation by junk scientists who have little or no standing in our community.

*Read the Wolf Parody in the comments section of this post. Click on the title of this post to bring up the post and comments on a separate page.


Dear Editor:

The article, “Wolf Forum Dec.3” in the November 23rd issue of the AND is one of the most biased articles I have ever read.

Essentially the article provides all of the glowing information about the benefits of wolves from the wolf supporters prejudice point of view but there is no mention about the many problems that the residents are having where wolves already exist or where the wolves have been forced upon the residents by the federal government with the continual support of the animal rights activists and liberal judges.

But the wolves are “Endangered”. Another fabrication. There are literally thousands of wolves in Alaska and Canada, they just aren’t in this area.

But these are the Mexican Grey Wolves. At the El Lobo Forum that was held at NMSU Las Cruces several years ago, some “wolf experts” stated that genetically all wolves are the same. They are called differently according to where they are located.

I receive information on a continual basis from a number of different states about the problems that residents are having where wolves already exist or where they have been released under the guise of the Endangered Species Act.

Just today I received a lengthy document from the Gila Livestock Grower’s Association (GLGA) stating that 10 cows and calves and a horse that have been confirmed killed by wolves since June and 5 other calves that have been confirmed killed by wolves since October.

That doesn’t include the domestic animals where there is evidence of kills, but no trace can be found. It is readily apparent that the wolves eat everything including the hide and bones.

According to the GLGA report, Gila ranchers and homeowners have reported 27 uncollared wolves within this past year with no investigation by the Wildlife Managers.

How many wolves are in the Gila?

If anyone knows the truth it is not being disclosed.

The AND article states in part, “livestock losses by wolves are reimbursed by Defenders of Wildlife”.

Another myth.

Actually very few reimbursements have been made. It has been extremely difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt of a wolf kill. The ranchers in the Gila have stated that essentially it takes video camera evidence of the kill taking place with date/time information recorded on the film to confirm a kill.

Wolves are valuable for the health of the ecosystem.

The last known wolf in Otero County was killed by government trapper, Ellis Wright, at least 60 years ago. The exact date is unknown, but Mr. Wright died in 1977 and was 83 years old when he died.

New Mexico and Otero County, and especially the livestock industry, have prospered very well for many years without any wolves.

The commercial livestock industry has been a major economic factor in New Mexico for many decades and in Otero County for over 125 years.

Where wolves have been re-introduced, the livestock and wildlife industries have taken major economic hits.

The same will be true if wolves are forced on Otero County.

It is time to draw a line in the sand and do whatever is necessary to keep that from happening.


R L Posey

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Otero County Addresses NM Water and Natural Resources Committee, November 26-28, Santa Fe



for the


November 26-28, 2007

Room 307

State Capitol

Monday, November 26

9:00 a.m. Call to Order

–Senator Phil Griego, Chair

Deep Water Development

–Mark Fesmire, Director, Oil Conservation Division, EMNRD

–Ned Godshall (invited)

–Peter White, Attorney

10:30 a.m. Acequia Legislation for Adjudication Reform

–David Benavidez, Attorney

–Paula Garcia, New Mexico Acequia Association

12:00 noon Lunch

1:30 p.m. Responses to Committee Questions and Adjudication Reform Issues

–John D'Antonio, State Engineer

–D.L. Sanders, General Counsel, OSE

–Greg Ridgely, Counsel, OSE

4:30 p.m. Recess

Tuesday, November 27

9:00 a.m. Proposed Legislation

–Pecos alternative water rights retirement method

–Utton Transboundary Center appropriation

–Precision Irrigation appropriation

–Water Adjudication Reform Memorial

10:30 a.m. Indian Water Rights Negotiations and Settlements

–Estevan Lopez, Director, Interstate Stream Commission

–John D'Antonio, State Engineer

–Victor Marshall

12:00 noon Lunch

1:30 p.m. Water Markets

–Lee Brown, Economist

3:00 p.m. Mutual Domestic Water Consumers' Associations Critical Needs

–George Maestas, Rodarte Mutual Domestic Water Consumer's Association (invited)

–Charlie Sanchez, Rodarte resident

–Rick Martinez, Department of Finance and Administration (invited)

4:30 p.m. Recess

Wednesday, November 28

9:00 a.m. Game and Forest Management Impacts;

Grazing Units and Damage on National Forest Allotments

–Mrs. Jimmy Goss, Rancher

–Charles Walker, Rancher

County Resource Management Programs

–Doug Moore, Chair, Otero County Commission (invited)

–Marty Moore, Otero County Manger (invited)

Game and Fish Department Programs

–Alfredo Montoya, Game Commission Member

–Bruce Thompson, Director, Game and Fish Department

Range Improvement Task Force

–John Fowler, Chair, RITF (invited)

Forest Management Policies

–TBA, U.S. Forest Service (invited)

–Butch Blazer, State Forester

12:00 noon Adjourn

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Letter to the Alamogordo Daily News Editor

Email and hand-delivered a copy of this Letter to the Editor to offices of the Alamogordo Daily News on November 14, 2007.

Another way to stop the listing of White Sands National Monument (WSNM) on UNESCO's Tentative List of U.N. World Heritage Sites would be for Cliff Spencer, Superintendent of WSNM, to withdraw the APPLICATION. Why should Mr. Spencer withdraw the APPLICATION? Because Mr. Spencer's APPLICATION avoids all references to buffer zones. If you read the case study of what occurred at Yellowstone National Park, you may have the reason for the omission of buffer zone's in the APPLICATION.

The Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention FORMAT FOR THE NOMINATION OF PROPERTIES FOR INSCRIPTION ON THE WORLD HERITAGE LIST state 'Where no buffer zone is proposed, the nomination must include a statement as to why a buffer zone is not required for the proper conservation of the nominated property.' Emphasis added.

I have read the APPLICATION from cover to cover. There are no questions about buffer zones that are answered. Further, no maps were provided to the Otero County Commission showing the boundaries of the nominated property and buffer zone. Here are two examples where buffer zones were ignored/omitted:

1.f. of the APPLICATION was to include the area of the nominated property, area of the buffer zone and total of the two. WSNM's APPLICATION simply gives the area of the National Monument. No area of the buffer zone. No total of the two.

4.b.(v) of White Sands' APPLICATION was to include the number of inhabitants within the property and the buffer zone with a total of the two and what year the count was taken. WSNM took another route and made up their own question: Are there any other risks or threats that could jeopardize the property's Outstanding Universal Values? (Answer: No) and completely avoided the topic of inhabitants of the property, inhabitants of the buffer zone and the total inhabitants of the two areas.

I believe that employees of WSNM are in violation of several Otero County Ordinances dating back 14 or more years: Kudos to Otero County, their website is vastly improved.

WSNM's APPLICATION is the work product of Cliff Spencer and Dianne White, former Resource Specialist at WSNM. Mr. Spencer's phone number is 479-6124, ext. 210. Dianne White is now back in the employment of the U.S. Forest Service. Her number is 434.7272. Perhaps Mr. Spencer and Dianne White have an explanation for the absence of buffer zone information in the APPLICATION. It could be a 'clerical' error. Remember when Congressman Stevan Pearce and Otero County were listed as supporters of the APPLICATION?

By the way, when you call Dianne White at the U.S. Forest Service you can also ask to speak to Cliff Spencer's wife (Mrs. Spencer) and Mr. Spencer's Chief Ranger's wife (Mrs. Jensen). It's a small world.

Janet White
A contributor to


Former Assistant Deputy Secretary of Fish and Wildlife and Parks, Julie MacDonald resigned her position at FWS (Fish and Wildlife Service), after allegations and complaints against her resulted in a biased and ‘scathing’ investigation, published in an official Dept. of Interior, FWS document. The investigation was initiated after the FWS received an anonymous tip alleging departmental abuses by MacDonald. One of the major complaints against MacDonald was her challenging of findings by FWS field technicians. MacDonald would actually go into the field, find the FWS who had submitted finds based on field studies and hold the technician accountable for their findings. This unprecedented action on behalf of a high-ranking FWS person of authority offended the egos of field technicians who were unaccustomed to having their reports challenged on any level. Along with allegations of abuse of her authority were accusations she went outside the department to seek third party opinions on FWS findings that would impact public policy. In the official document denouncing MacDonald there is an admission by the department that there was no evidence of MacDonald releasing any ‘non-public’ information to the pubic or non-departmental entities.
MacDonald was probably one of the few, if not the only high ranking official of a federal bureaucracy that demanded accuracy and truthfulness in policy that could affect the use of public lands. For this realistic and courageous policy of accountability, MacDonald was forced out her position at the Fish and Wildlife and Parks.

In the official report published by the FWS, there are ‘Agents Notes’, that contradict the reports attacks on MacDonald, all initiated by an ‘anonymous tip’. The words ‘no evidence’, regarding accusations against MacDonald are in the ‘Agents Notes’.

What follows the resignation of Julie MacDonald? The Center for Biological Diversity has released a press statement which includes its intent to sue the federal government on the grounds of an ‘Environmentalists Challenge Political Interference with 55 Endangered Species in 28 States, Seek to Restore 8.7 Million Acres of Protected Habitat across the Country.

In the links listed on the left side of the blog, under Julie MacDonald: Chain of evidence, the reader can follow the inner-workings of how a government agency seeks to destroy the credibility of one individual who demanded credibility and accountability of the people reporting to her.

The following are taken from the offical FWS report 'investigatve findings' on Julie MacDonald.

Julie MacDonald,
Deputy Assistant Secretary,
Fish, Wildlife and Parks

P. 2
The Office of Inspector General (OIG) initiated this investigation based on an anonymous complaint alleging that Julie MacDonald, Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS), Fish, Wildlife and Parks, had been involved in unethical and illegal activities. Specifically, the complainant alleged that MacDonald had bullied, insulted, and harassed the professional staff of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to change documents and alter biological reporting regarding the Endangered Species program, As our investigation progressed, we also developed information that MacDonald had disclosed nonpublic information to private sector sources.

Page 18

Agent's Note: According to Deputy Director Jones, the Interim Guidance for Critical Habitat Designation has never been publicly.released or published for comment. Jones said it remains an FWS internal document and probably will remain so indefinitely. During his interview, Jones speculated that MacDonald may have been sharing internal FWS ED documents with outside sources; however, he had no evidence to substantiate his contention.

The other former Assistant Secretary also said he never gave MacDonald permission to release nonpublic information. He admitted that the issue of MacDonald disclosing nonpublic information was a rumor within Fish, Wildlife and Parks; however, he said the subject was not officially brought to his attention in his official capacity as Assistant Secretary.

P. 17
When we interviewed Julie MacDonald, she said she is responsible for reviewing, commenting, and at some times editing critical habitat designation reports and five-year endangered species reviews.
MacDonald said she views her involvement in the Endangered Species Program as part of her duties, and she challenges the science produced by FWS field personnel and makes them accountable for the citations and rules they refer to in field reports. She admitted that she is not always right, as in the case
of the vernal pools, but added, "The figures were a mistake and very embarrassing, but they didn't make a difference in the outcome of the review."


SEPTEMBER 10, 2004

However, we believe that resource management does not need to come at the expense of the needs of local communities, and the Administration is committed to achieving a balance between conservation and growth using all the available tools. At the Department, this commitment means implementing a cooperative approach toward the recovery of endangered and threatened species through the development of partnerships with states, tribes, landowners, and other stakeholders. To that end, I would like to discuss how the Administration is working to make implementation of the ESA more efficient and effective.

Designation of Critical Habitat
While the Department has made great strides in improving the administration of the ESA, one area of implementation that continues to be both a challenge and a source of controversy is the designation of critical habitat. As we have previously detailed in testimony before this Committee, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (the Service) has been embroiled in a relentless cycle of litigation over its implementation of the listing and critical habitat provisions of the Act. The Service now faces a Section 4 program facing serious difficulties due not to agency inertia or neglect, but to a lack of scientific or management discretion to focus available resources on the listing actions that provide the greatest benefit to those species in greatest need of conservation.

The Service has characterized the designation of critical habitat as required by the Act as the most costly and least effective class of regulatory actions undertaken by the Service. It is often of little additional value or counterproductive and can result in negative public sentiment to the species and the Act itself. This negative public sentiment is fueled by inaccuracies in the initial area designated when we must act with inadequate information to meet strict statutory deadlines. For example, under the Act, the Service is required to designate critical habitat concurrent with a final listing determination, using the best scientific data available. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, the information supporting such designations have later been found to be incomplete, sometimes resulting in a cycle of litigation, described in further detail below.

In closing, I would like to reiterate our commitment to working with Congress to find a solution to the problems associated with critical habitat designation and other related issues. At the same time, the Department will continue to strengthen our partnerships and expand the use of cooperative conservation tools. It is our goal to use cooperative conservation and the tools at our disposal to implement programs that will eliminate the need for listing by conserving species before they become threatened.

Links to the Chain of Evidence in the Julie MacDonald resignation can be found on the left side of the blog page. I urge all readers to read these links. Julie MacDonald's story is why we have uncontrolled and unchallenged junk science policy and a policy of federal land grabs and designation of wilderness areas, endangered species and a continuing threat to private property owners in the United States.

Monday, November 19, 2007


From the Panama News: Jan. 2005

San Felipe residents protest attempts to displace them

cc: UNESCO, Paris, France
ICC-ROM-Rome, Italy
IUCN-Gland, Switzerland
L`OCPM-Quebec, Canada

We are the residents of Historic Center of San Felipe of Panama City, the capital of Panama, also known as the "Casco Viejo." Our people are very peaceful families and quiet people who are facing forced evictions by every type of subterfuge, chicanery and trickery.

Since our community has been declared a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1997, over half of the official census populations from the 1990 to the 2000 census has been forced to move or been forcibly evicted.

Since 2000, we figure that another 2700 individuals have been forcible removed or forced out by all sorts of trickery, threats and chicanery.

We need your help in ascertaining our social and economic rights as poor and working people with a right to live in a historic center world heritage site and seek socio-economic technical advice in finding ways to create training in artisan and micro business skills in learning how to address the Metropolitan Development Plans and new tourism orientations towards international cruise ship seasonal visitors. We understand that UNESCO has about $180 million allocated for the Panama City Historic Center area here. We want to elect our representatives to sit in the planning sessions for the use of these funds and their implementation.

We as a neighborhood NGO would like your technical expertise in writing grants and projects to use said funds for the benefit the poor and working class residents of our Historic Center of San Felipe. The idea would be to be able to eke out incomes and enough to cover the reconstructions and restorations of the wooden heritage and other era buildings within the designated world heritage site.

We have denounced and condemned for years --- in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 --- the forcible evictions of the poorest working people of all ages from their homes to UNESCO, Paris, France; ICOMOS-Paris, France; ICCROM-Rome, Italy; and L`OCPM-Quebec, Canada!

We propose and petition to have a UNESCO monitoring office, here in San Felipe, Casco Viejo, the Historic Center of Panama City, Republic of Panama.

We petition you to have San Felipe removed from the list of World Heritage Sites for the flagrant violations of HR and forcible evictions of our residents, particularly the old pensioners and the low income working poor and for the destruction of the historic sites, referring as our legal basis to Section E, Articles 36-47 to remove a world heritage site.We petition for your help! Your guidance! Your training in grant writing and setting up a MONITORING OFFICE in San Felipe. We need your help in getting resident representation on local bodies having jurisdiction over the historic site.

Furthermore, we plead for help: SOS... SOS...

Anibal Chacón González
President, The Association of Residents of San Felipe

Wednesday, November 14, 2007



The comment period for the public to express their views as to the potential nomination by the OTERO COUNTY SOVEREIGN HERITAGE SITE COMMITTEE has begun. The comment period extends from Nov. 14th, 2007 to Dec. 13th, 2007. Comments may be posted in the comment section of this post.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Letters to Putnam and Pearce Address Buffer Zones

The letters at the bottom of the page have been modified to point out to Congressman Pearce and Mr. Putnam that White Sands National Monument's Application did not include any references to buffer zones although answers to questions about buffer zones are required by the Guidelines even if no buffer zone is anticipated.

If you have already printed up the prior letters, that is fine. These are basically the same with added detail.

NPS Press Release Gave Instructions

To obtain a printed copy of the staff report on World Heritage Sites, the reader was directed to email April Brooks, International Cooperation Specialist. I don't make this stuff up, I just report it. Here is her response to my request:
Re: U.S.World Heritage Tentative List‏
Sent: Wed 11/07/07 4:55 PM
Cc: Clarissa McGinn (DELETED); Marty Moore (; Pamela Heltner (

Below, you will find a link that contains the staff report, which is 145 pages.
Thank you
April E. Brooks
International Cooperation Specialist
National Park ServiceOffice of International Affairs
1201 Eye St NW (0050)5th Floor
Washington, DC 20005
Main Number: 202.354.1800Fax: 202.371.1446
"I am two fools, I know, for loving and saying so..."-John Donne

Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Jonathan Putnam NPS Sister Park Program, Office on International Affairs referenced in Putnam article below. Putnam Article: International Activities Span the Globe, Ranger Magazine Park Flight Migratory Bird Program, NPS-OIA, linked to:
Partners in Flight
North American Bird Conservation Initiative
Bird Identification Center
Neotropical Migratory Birds (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Site)
Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
Globally Important Bird Areas in the United States
Audubon Important Bird Areas Program
International Migratory Bird Day
Redwood Sciences Laboratory, USDA Forest Service
Institute for Bird Populations
Point Reyes Bird Observatory
Bird Studies Canada
The Nature Conservancy Migratory Bird Program
BirdLife International
American Bird Conservatory
Migratory Bird Conservancy (Nature Conservancy list of places in peril) (Chihuahuan Desert Biosphere Reserve)

Jonathan Putnam: National Park Service, Dept. of Interior

Click on the Title to read cut and paste article from:
Due to length of article on Mr. Putnam, the text is posted in the comment section of this post. The text is from:

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
Cooperative Environmental Managemen
The Good Neighbor Environmental Board Meeting
Radisson Hotel, Phillips Conference Room
Washington, DC 20037

May 10, 2005

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Veterans' Day Parade

Kudos to the organizers of the Veterans' Day Parade in Alamogordo, New Mexico. It was the largest I can recall seeing in many, many years. We can feel a resurgence of patriotism here; it is palpable. Thank you, veterans. Thank you organizers, participants and those who stood along the route in honor of the sacrifices made by our military past and present.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Otero Residents Forum is requesting concerned citizens contact the forum for the purpose of organizing letter writing and calling campaigns. If you're as concerned as we are, email the forum at Let us know what your talents are and what you're willing to do to stop the erosion of American Sovereignty and private property rights.

Honor Our Veterans Today By Taking 7 Minutes To Call The List of Senators Below

Using the 800-828-0498 number I was able to give my opinion, and that of my parents, and voice our opposition of the Law of the Sea Treaty. Senator Coleman's lines were swamped, a good thing, so I left a voice mail and then had to redial the 800 number to go on to Senator Isakson (who opposed the LOST on the last vote) so my message was thank you and continue to oppose the LOST.


Urgent Request to Call Today - Law of the Sea
Senators to call to STOP THE LAW OF THE SEA TREATY. USE THE TOLL FREE NUMBER 800-828-0498 (you can transfer from office to office) or individual numbers. This must be done today.

** Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell. PUSH HARD!
Tel: (202) 224-2541
Fax (202) 224-2499

** Senator Corker
Tel: (202)224-3344
Fax (202)228-0566

** Senator Sununu
Tel: (202)224-2841
Fax (202)228-4131

** Senator Coleman
Tel: (202)224-5641
Fax (202)224-1152

** Senator Isakson
Tel. (202)224-3643
Fax (202)228-0724

Additionally, according to a staffer, the following may be persuaded to oppose the Convention, IF they hear from enough of us.

** Senator Lott
Tel: (202) 224-6253
Fax (202) 224-2262

** Senator Ensign
Tel: (202) 224-6244
Fax (202) 228-2193

** Senator Martinez
Tel: (202) 224-3041
Fax (202) 228-5171

** Senator Roberts
Tel: (202) 224-4774
Fax (202) 224-3514

** Senator Shelby
Tel: (202) 224-5744
Fax (202) 224-3416

** Senator Thune
Tel: (202) 224-2321
Fax (202) 228-5429

** Senator Cornyn
Tel: (202) 224-2934
Fax (202) 228-2856

** Senator Voinovich
Tel: (202) 224-3353
Fax (202) 228-1382

** Senator Kyl
Tel: (202) 224-4521
Fax (202) 224-2207

** Senator Coburn
Tel: (202) 224-5754
Fax (202) 224-6008

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Brown Shirts? Oh, Now I Get It, Duh!

When State Department Legal Adviser John B. Bellinger III gave a controversial June 6 speech on the subject of “The United States and International Law,” he mentioned that the Bush Administration had “put forward a priority list of over 35 treaty packages that we have urged the Senate to approve soon, including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.” The latter is now up for Senate ratification, with a vote scheduled on Wednesday, and one of its many controversial provisions is the regulation of land-based sources of pollution. This treaty covers the water and the land. But now we have discovered that the Bush Administration has asked the Senate to ratify a treaty that defines one of those land-based sources of pollution as toilet flushing. No kidding.

For Cliff Kincaid's complete story see:

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Friday, October 26, 2007
Law of the Sea Treaty- Hunter's Position
From: Duncan Hunter
Date: 26 Oct 2007 09:14:04 -0000
Subject: Update: Hunter Calls on Congress: Kill the Law of the Sea Treaty
To: Friend

Hunter Calls on Congress: Kill the Law of the Sea Treaty

Washington, D.C. – Amid debate on the decades-old Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) in the Senate, Republican presidential candidate Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) urged his colleagues to follow the lead set by President Reagan by defeating the treaty.

Explaining the dangers of the treaty, Hunter detailed, "It is imperative that our nation does not surrender decision making power for military navigation or resource extraction, especially in this age of terrorism with technology and weapons proliferation. And adding a new set of UN bureaucrats with license to tax and adjudicate disputes is the last thing this country needs."

What is Representative Stevan Pearce's position on the Law of the Sea Treaty?

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Sunday, October 21, 2007
Committee of Foreign Relations/UNCLOS
Twenty-one nominations, and what a fun group to research, and one itty-bitty treaty. Unless we step up to the plate, here comes the green weenie with the hot wire cluster. Call Sen. Biden at the Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121
And while you are at it, have them transfer you to as many of these members as you can:

Ranking Member
Richard G. Lugar

Christopher J. Dodd

John F. Kerry

Russell D. Feingold

Barbara Boxer

Bill Nelson

Barack Obama

Robert Menendez
New Jersey

Benjamin L. Cardin

Robert P. Casey Jr.

Jim Webb

Chuck Hagel

Norm Coleman

Bob Corker

John E. Sununu
New Hampshire

George V. Voinovich

Lisa Murkowski

Jim DeMint
South Carolina

Johnny Isakson

David Vitter

before the


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time: 1:45 PM
Place: 419 The Dirksen Senate Office Building
Presiding: Senator Biden

The Committee Will Consider and vote on the
Following Agenda Items:
1. The Honorable Henrietta Holsman Fore
to be Administrator of the United States Agency
for International Development
2. The Honorable Robin R. Sanders
to be Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
3. Mr. Barry L. Wells
to be Ambassador to the Republic of The Gambia
4. Mr. Mark M. Boulware
to be Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of
5. The Honorable James D. McGee
to be Ambassador to the Republic of Zimbabwe
6. Dr. Ronald K. McMullen
to be Ambassador to the State of Eritrea
7. Mr. P. Robert Fannin
to be Ambassador to the Dominican Republic
8. Mr. Christopher F. Egan
to be Representative of the United States of America
to the Organization for Economic Cooperation
and Development, with the rank of Ambassador
9. Dr. Louis J. Nigro
to be Ambassador to the Republic of Chad
10. The Honorable David T. Johnson
to be Assistant Secretary of State
for International Narcotics
and Law Enforcement Affairs
11. Mr. Paul E. Simons
to be Ambassador to the Republic of Chile
12. The Honorable Gail D. Mathieu
to be Ambassador to the Republic of Namibia
13. Mr. Dan Mozena
to be Ambassador to the Republic of Angola
14. Ms. Eunice S. Reddick
to be Ambassador to the Gabonese Republic,
and to serve concurrently and without additional
compensation as Ambassador to the
Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe
15. The Honorable Daniel V. Speckhard
to be Ambassador to Greece
16. Mr. Thomas F. Stephenson
to be Ambassador to the Portuguese Republic
17. Mr. Vincent Obsitnik
to be Ambassador to the Slovak Republic
18. The Honorable William H. Frist
to be Member of the Board of the
Millennium Challenge Corporation
19. The Honorable George E. Pataki
to be U.S. Representative to the
United Nations General Assembly
20. Ms. Kelly G. Knight
to be Alternate U.S. Representative to the
United Nations General Assembly
21. Mr. Rodger D. Young
to be Alternate U.S. Representative to the
United Nations General Assembly
22. Convention on the Law of the Sea (T. Doc.103-39)

Witness names in blue are links to the statement given.
Statements are only posted if provided electronically by witness.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007
Law of the Sea Treaty Update

By Cliff Kincaid

October 20, 2007

In new developments concerning the U.N.’s Law of the Sea Treaty, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had scheduled a quick vote on the pact for next Wednesday, October 24. But a member of the committee, Senator David Vitter, has reportedly requested?and received?a postponement of the vote. Vitter has been in the forefront of exposing the dangerous provisions of the measure.

October 24 just happens to be “United Nations Day,” which is probably why committee chairman and presidential candidate Senator Joseph Biden had scheduled a vote at this time. Biden, who once wrote an article titled, “How I Learned to Love the New World Order,” thinks his pro-U.N. credentials will help garner liberal votes in the Democratic primaries.

The announcement of the vote had been made on the website of the committee.

Vitter’s postponement is a temporary measure and it is not clear how quickly Biden could reschedule the vote.

Meanwhile, there is no indication at this point that the committee intends to hold a hearing to hear from a U.N. whistleblower, Nithi Sam-Thambiah, who is offering to provide the Senate with documentary evidence proving financial corruption in the treaty’s International Seabed Authority (ISA). The ISA stands to receive millions of dollars if the Senate ratifies the pact.

Complete commentary/links and sources: