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Uncle Sam

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The case could be made that Obama has violated the oath of the office of the Presidency of the United States in not closing the borders at the threat of a global pandemic of the Mexican flu, the violations of the U.S. Constitution in the CIFTA, and his refusal to clarify the circumstances of his birth. Think about it.

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Link to the White House by Clicking on Photo


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Saturday, January 31, 2009


"News considering issues relevant to teachers, schools, parents and children. Updated daily"


Title click. From the Denver Post.

"Denver police have identified a suspect in the case of a woman who took a pain-medication pump from a soldier who lost a limb in Iraq as he lay in a hospital bed recovering from surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center. "

Friday, January 30, 2009


Title click. From New

"The Interior West is going to see a fair chunk of that $825 billion total bill, of which $541 billion is going to be allocated to the states. The Center for American Progress has created this nifty map that shows the allocations that can be determined on a state-by-state basis (here’s another, that breaks it out per capita). North to south, Montana gets $1.79 billion; Idaho $2.48; Wyoming $1.07; Colorado $7.07 billion; Utah $3.8 billion; Nevada $4.26 billion; Arizona $10.34 billion; and New Mexico $3.46 billion. Rounding out the west, Washington gets $10.39 billion; Oregon $6.34 billion; and the behemoth California $63.37 billion. (The giant sucking sound out here? California.) "

Link to 'nifty map'.

HR45 – More feel good gun control legislation

Being introduced by Democratic Congressman Bobby Rush of Illinois. HR45, also called Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009, is another bill designed to make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain a firearm while doing nothing to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.

You can read the details of the resolution here but a few of the highlights are:

  • It will be “unlawful” to own a firearm without a license.
  • Be required to submit a picture and thumbprint.
  • Provide certification that the firearms are properly stored.
  • Pass a written firearms exam which tests a persons knowledge of the safe storage of firearms in the presence of children, safe handling of firearms, risks associated with firearms, legal responsibilities of a firearm owner, and anything else the Attorney General deems fit.
  • A release of any mental health records.
  • Makes private sales illegal.
  • Establishes a Federal Record of Sale system which records make, model, serial number, license of the transferee and name and address of the transferor.
  • Provides for inspection of your home (fourth amendment violation)
  • Reporting of lost or stolen firearms
  • Notice of change of address
  • Numerous other fun nuggets.

A large part of the bill has to do with licensing and registration. The Federal government is always trying to add more paperwork to legal gun ownership. I am sure there will be fees involved with all this, making it another source of revenue for the government.

Another section of the bill has to do with safety and training. While the 1,500 annual accidental deaths due to firearms are certainly tragic, giving the fact that there are 80 million firearms in the United States the statistics prove that the vast majority of gun owners already know how to safely store and use firearms. All firearms that are sold today are mandated to have gun locks included. Most people that purchase a handgun voluntarily take courses on their safe storage and operation. Passing a federally mandated firearms exam will do nothing to ensure that irresponsible gun owners will start acting responsibly any more than laws against drunk drivers will prevent some people from driving drunk.

I have heard some liberal gun control advocates argue the car ownership analogy. It goes something along the line of:

  • Need a license to drive a car.
  • Need a photo on file to drive a car.
  • Need to pass two tests to drive a car.
  • Have to get the car inspected regularly.
  • Have to have the car licensed.

So why should anyone complain about similar requirements for gun ownership? The problems with this analogy are many. You don’t need a license to buy an automobile. Anyone (including violent criminals) can purchase a car. A drivers license is valid in all 50 states. There is no waiting period to purchase an automobile. There is no limit on how many cars you can own or how many you can buy per month.

There is nothing in HR45 that will further prevent criminals from illegally obtaining guns. Likewise there is nothing in HR45 that will significantly reduce the number of accidental gun deaths. The only thing that HR45 will accomplish is a further erosion of the rights of citizens to legally own firearms as provided for by the Constitution. In fact, it has been shown time and time again that legal ownership of firearms reduces violent crime as well as other types of crimes such as robbery, burglary, etc. Washington DC had some of the most stringent gun control laws on the books yet had one of the highest homicide rates in the United States.

I urge everyone who is concerned about the constant erosion of our civil liberties and rights to write your congressman in opposition to this resolution. Our C9nstitution says “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” !!!
Posted by Karan Berry


Title click. From Poll Gazette: "President Barack Obama’s poll numbers dropped sharly in the last week. Where 71% of Americans approved of Obama one week ago, only 62% does so today. Although 62% is still acceptable for a new president, it shows that he will lose support quickly if he is seen as too liberal."


From News West 9: "LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) - The New Mexico Spaceport Authority has entered into an agreement with Spaceport Sweden to increase global cooperation in the commercial space industry."

From Global Flight/Blogs: "The road to Spaceport Sweden was always going to be a long one and that is why the announcements of January 2007 seemed realistic with the timeframe then envisaged but unless there is a concerted effort and soon, this new arctic frontier for space tourism will be little more than pie in the blackest of skies."

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Title click. From WORLD NET DAILY.

"New Hampshire State Rep. Delmar Burridge, D-Keene, is sponsoring H.B. 37, a bill providing for execution by firing squad for anyone who causes the death of another person by use of a firearm while engaged in the commission of a felony – an offense that would be considered capital murder under Burridge's plan. "


Title click. From New West Daily.

"Before he answered any questions, Salazar took ten minutes to outline his priorities, which in the order he listed them, were:
1. Reforming the Interior Department to restore the confidence of the people of America. Interesting that Salazar would list this as his first priority, but he obviously felt strongly about it and made several references to scandals raging over the department’s implementation of various policies and laws, especially omnipresent claims of letting politics trump science in key decisions. “We expect the highest ethics and performance from all employees of the department,” he said, “including basing decisions on good science.”
2. Work with President Obama to make sure we become an energy independent nation. “I feel very strongly about this issue,” he added.
3. Restoring and protecting our national landscape. Specifically, he suggested developing a national program modeled after a popular and successful program in his home state called Great Outdoors Colorado, a state trust fund established by a 1992 ballot measure financed by state lottery proceeds and used to “preserve, protect and enhance Colorado’s wildlife, parks, rivers, trails and open spaces.”
4. Helping implement and promote President Obama’s vision of community service. He went on mention programs where young people could work in the national parks and in other department jobs and have the opportunity to “experience the great outdoors.”
5. Restore a trusting relationship with Indian tribes.
6. Dealing with huge water challenges.
In response to questions he also said:
The Bush administration’s rule to allow loaded, concealed guns in national parks would be “one of the rules we’ll look at.”
He hoped Congress to include a “significant infusion of dollars for national parks” into the upcoming economic stimulus bill. “We need a second moon shot to restore and enhance our national parks.”
The department will address hard rock mining issues. “There is a consensus that the 1872 law needs to be changed.”


Title click. From the Union of Concerned Scientists.

"WASHINGTON (January 26, 2009) – President Obama today instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider the Bush administration's denial of a request by California and more than a dozen other states to implement global warming pollution standards for cars and trucks. The president also directed the Department of Transportation to set fuel economy standards for 2011 and reconsider the methodology for standards in the years that follow. "

"If the Obama administration grants the waiver, more than a dozen states will be able to exercise their right to have cleaner cars on their roads. All Americans will benefit from having states and the federal government working together to make cars cleaner."


Title click. From CNS NEWS.

"( – Signaling a departure from the Bush administration’s environmental policies, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has named Todd Stern as special envoy for climate change and vowed that America will “vigorously pursue negotiations, those sponsored by the United Nations, and those at sub-global, regional, and bilateral level that can lead to binding international climate agreements.”


Title click. CNS NEWS.

"Americans are concerned about the economy first of all, and they are tired of the "hype" about global warming, Patrick Michaels, a leading climate change expert, told"

(SB5064) that would create in Washington the Yellowstone to Yukon Eco-Region(Y2Y).

(SB5064) that would create in Washington the Yellowstone to Yukon Eco-Region(Y2Y).


This guy apparently has done his homework. Interesting site with hours of research and commentary on Obama and what was said and what is actually being created under this new President's administration.


The Heritage Foundation has done the research we're all looking for. I'll post this website under the Obama Watch 2009 banner above. This is a good website to go to for answers to questions about legislation and intelligent analysis.


Melodee from Colorado and Raven from Washington State sent this to the blog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Title click: The Hill.

"The answer is for the Republicans to caucus and come up with a Free Enterprise Amendment to add to the stimulus package. The amendment should spell out what the government may not do in influencing the policy of private banks. It should, for example, make it illegal for the feds to urge certain lending policies on banks or to suggest specific loans that might be granted. It should enjoin the feds from intervening in decisions on who should manage various aspects of bank operations. The idea would be to cordon off large parts of the private sector, even in subsidized institutions, to bar public federal government influence."


Title click: from KCMC.COM.

"PELOSI: No apologies. No. we have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy. Food stamps, unemployment insurance, some of the initiatives you just mentioned. What the economists have told us from right to left: There is more bang for the buck, a term they use, by investing in food stamps and in unemployment insurance than in any tax cut."


Harley-Davidson cuts 1100 jobs.

Catepiller layoffs: 20,000 jobs cut. Sprint-Nextell cuts 8000 jobs. GM cuts 2000 jobs.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here They Are, The Ten Republicans Voted For Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary


Byrd and Harkin voted no among the Democrats. (And good for them.)

Ten Reasons to Whack Obama's Stimulus Plan

Ten reasons complete with sources. Also see video "Most Dangerous Woman in America" plans to reform retirement accounts on the same page. Title click.


Title click. From the Herald-Tribune.

"PARIS: In one of his first interviews since taking office, President Barack Obama struck a conciliatory tone toward the Islamic world, saying he wanted to persuade Muslims that "the Americans are not your enemy" and adding that "the moment is ripe for both sides" to negotiate in the Middle East."

Monday, January 26, 2009


(ORF) Covert political snooping is one of the perks new Presidents inherit when they take office. JFK and Bobby Kennedy snooped on J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover snooped back on the Brothers from Camelot. Nixon snooped on the Democrats and war protesters. The Clinton's snooped on the travel office, probably Vince Foster, and everyone else. President Obama will have his snoop investigation and may have telegraphed who some of his first targets will be.

President Obama is 'urging' Republicans to turn off the Rush Limbaugh talk-show radio program. Obama's remarks on Limbaugh being divisive and threatening to the new President's promised era of change are more on the level of a community organizer than the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. The most obvious failing of this Presidential remark is the strategic slip that Obama fears opposition. A strong confident leader endures pot-shots and criticism and forges forward with the plan. A leader who urges legally elected officials not to listen to free media opposition coveys an image of paranoia and weakness.

Enter the era of Obama's snooping campaigns. Envision young elite Obama supporters haunting the halls of Congress pressing their ears against closed doors listening for AM radios tuned into Rush Limbaugh. President Obama could copy Detective Vic Macky in the 'Shield'. Macky planted audio and video bugs in other cops vehicles to snoop on what they were doing. At some point in the future we'll view an undercover news story about House Republicans meeting in basements somewhere listening to conservative talk-radio, attempting to elude Obama's talk-radio police.

Snooping on political opponents has always occurred in American politics. President Obama has shown his intolerance of free speech and thought at the very beginning of his administration.


Title Click. In a statement reminiscence of Joseph Stalin's Party Philosophers, President Obama is urging Republican Elected Officials to turn off Rush Limbaugh.

"The Drudge Report blared the New York Post report by Charles Hurt that President Obama told the Republicans in Congress that they should go along and get along, and stop listening to Rush Limbaugh: "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."

Saturday, January 24, 2009

NOT A PARODY - Detainees at Guantanamo Bay could be housed at area centers

Detainees at Guantanamo Bay could be housed at area centers
Ramon Bracamontes / El Paso Times

Posted: 01/23/2009 12:00:00 AM

EL PASO -- While it is unknown where the 245 Guantanamo Bay prison
camp inmates will be held when it shuts down in a year, it is possible some may
end up one immigration detention center in El Paso and one just outside the city

...The Otero County Processing Center, which is in New Mexico outside of
the Northeast El Paso city limits, has room for 1,000 detainees. It is privately
owned and contracts with ICE and other federal agencies. The center had 768 ICE
detainees Thursday....

Click title for full El Paso Times story.

China Will Be Happy With Geithner - The China Post

...Even some left-wing “progressives” fear that Geithner doesn’t know anything more about running an economy than he does about his own personal finances, and that his policies are destined to fail....

...Geithner’s “international respect” comes from Kissinger and other global players in such organizations as the Group of Thirty and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which wield major influence over U.S. economic and foreign policy. Geithner is a member of both groups.

In other words, to take Lou Dobbs’ point even further, Paulson’s “buddies” are Geithner’s “buddies.” It’s not change, but if the media won’t pay any attention to what’s really going on, then most members of the public may never find out.

In this context, it is worth noting that corporate members of the CFR include ABC News, General Electric (parent of NBC News), News Corporation (parent of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal), and Time Warner (parent of CNN and Time). Veteran NBC newsman Tom Brokaw serves on the advisory board of the CFR journal Foreign Affairs. Jim Hoagland, an associate editor, chief foreign correspondent and weekly columnist for the Washington Post, is also on the Foreign Affairs advisory board.

These connections are supposed to help make sure that the controversy over Geithner doesn’t get out of hand. But the American people can have a say in that. The Senate switchboard number is 202-224-3121....

Call Monday, Tuesday at the latest.
Complete Commentary at:

Friday, January 23, 2009

He Didn't Pay His Taxes. Give Bingaman and Udall A Piece of Your Mind

We all know what would happen if you or I didn't pay our taxes and you approve of this guy being Secretary of the Treasury? H-E-double toothpicks, No. Call or email Senators Bingaman and Udall now. Next week will be too late. Contact info and toll free number (in red) above. When you call the number, after speaking to the legislator's representative, you can asked to be transferred to another office thus making the rounds with just one call.

Guantánamo detainee resurfaces in terrorist group

International Herald Tribune
By Robert F. Worth

BEIRUT: The emergence of a former Guantánamo Bay detainee as the deputy leader of Al Qaeda's Yemeni branch has underscored the potential complications in carrying out the executive order that President Barack Obama signed that the detention center be shut down within a year.

Click title to link you to full story.

Freebie Virgin Flight for Critic of Green Scam

Reporter: "Your work on atmospheric chlorofluorocarbons led eventually to a global CFC ban that saved us from ozone-layer depletion. Do we have time to do a similar thing with carbon emissions to save ourselves from climate change?"

James Lovelock: "Not a hope in hell. Most of the "green" stuff is verging on a gigantic scam. Carbon trading, with its huge government subsidies, is just what finance and industry wanted. It's not going to do a damn thing about climate change, but it'll make a lot of money for a lot of people and postpone the moment of reckoning. I am not against renewable energy, but to spoil all the decent countryside in the UK with wind farms is driving me mad. It's absolutely unnecessary, and it takes 2500 square kilometres to produce a gigawatt - that's an awful lot of countryside."...

James Lovelock is a British chemist, inventor and environmentalist. He is best known for formulating the controversial Gaia hypothesis in the 1970s, which states that organisms interact with and regulate Earth's surface and atmosphere. Later this year he will travel to space as Richard Branson's guest aboard Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo. His latest book, The Vanishing Face of Gaia, is published by Basic Books in February.

Click title for full interview.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


(ORF) President Barrak Obama has signed an executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay prison currently housing 260 suspected terrorists. Once the prision facility is closed the detainees will be granted U.S. citizenship and relocated to communities in the United States. Alamogordo has been chosen as one of those communities. Known as one of the 'friendliest cities' in the United States, Alamogordo may become home to Guantanamo detainees in 2010. The Center for Human Rights for Terrorists describes future relocated suspected terrorists as valuable cultural assests to American culture. While the detainees are awaiting trial in a civilian court, along with President Bush and Vice-President Cheney, they will be placed in jobs in the Alamogordo area or open businesses of their own. Some of the job skills the detainees could bring to Alamogordo are fashion designer, hair styliest or barber, flight attendent, spiritual group leader, cab driver, and designer cheese maker.


Title click to read story on FOXNEWS.

CNSNEWS link to further coverage of President Obama signing an executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center with one year.


From Marcia Stirman:

The comment below is from a friend of mine. Pay attention folks.

It's almost too late... and we know Obama is a strident gun-owner opponent. He wants to take away our guns and our rights to own them. That's a fact. Watch this video about what has happened in England and Australia. You won't believe your eyes! I tell you, this is serious!!!! Support the NRA. Get a hold of as many unregistered arms as you can. Stockpile ammo as if it's going out of style... 'cause it is!!! Watch this video. And wake up and become politically active on this 2nd Amendment issue. Your friend and "comrade-in-arms"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Botox Overdose?

Nancy Pelosi wants a Windfall Tax on Retirement Income. In other words tax what you have made by investing toward your retirement.
Madam speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to put a Windfall Tax on all stock market profits (including Retirement fund, 401K and Mutual Funds - all to help the 12 million illegal immigrants and the unemployed.
When asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, she replied:
'We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities. Stock market windfall profits taxes could go a long way to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as 'Americans'.'

LONDON DAILY MAIL editorial 1/6/09

Obama's Victory--A British view

A victory for the hysterical Oprah Winfrey, the mad racist preacher Jeremiah Wright, the US mainstream media who abandoned any sense of objectivity long ago, Europeans who despise America largely because they depend on her, comics who claim to be dangerous and fearless but would not dare attack genuinely powerful special interest groups.

A victory for Obama-worshippers everywhere. A victory for the cult of the cult. A man who has done little with his life but has written about his achievements as if he had found the cure for cancer in between winning a marathon and building a nuclear reactor with his teeth.

Victory for style over substance, hyperbole over history, rabble-raising over reality. A victory for Hollywood , the most dysfunctional community in the world. Victory for Streisand, Spielberg, Soros, Moore, and Sarandon.

Victory for those who prefer welfare to will and interference to independence. For those who settle for group think and herd mentality rather than those who fight for individual initiative and the right to be out of step with meager political fashion.

Victory for a man who is no friend of freedom. He and his people have already stated that media has to be controlled so as to be balanced, without realizing the extraordinary irony within that statement. Like most liberal zealots, the Obama worshippers constantly speak of Fox and Limbaugh, when the vast bulk of television stations and newspapers are drastically liberal and anti-conservative. Senior Democrat Chuck Schumer said that just as pornography should be censored, so should talk radio. In other words, one of the few free and open means of popular expression may well be cornered and beaten by bullies who even in triumph cannot tolerate any criticism and opposition.

A victory for those who believe the state is better qualified to raise children than the family, for those who prefer teachers' unions to teaching and for those who are naively convinced that if the West is sufficiently weak towards its enemies, war and terror will dissolve as quickly as the tears on the face of a leftist celebrity. A victory for social democracy even after most of Europe has come to the painful conclusion that social democracy leads to mediocrity, failure, unemployment, inflation, higher taxes and economic stagnation. A victory for intrusive lawyers, banal sentimentalists, social extremists and urban snobs.

Thank you to DM for getting this in our hands.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank You

To all those who took the time to contact the President and to Mr. Bush, thank you. It should have been a pardon but it is better than nothing at all.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Otero County Commission 1/15/09

The room was pretty full last night and it wasn't so much for the "improved/revised Subdivision Ordinance" as for this item:

Nomination for District 56 Representative to fill vacancy

Cook was nominated to replace Dub Williams for NM House District 56. For what happened at the Lincoln County Commission meeting, title click. District 56 stradles Lincoln and Otero Counties with the lion's share in Lincoln.

New Mexico has 70 Districts. Go to Widipedia for more information except in the case of District 56 which will have to be corrected.

Thursday, January 15, 2009



"In terms of worse-case scenarios for the Joint Force and indeed the world, two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico," reads the JOE report.

The report continues: "In particular, the growing assault by the drug cartels and their thugs on the Mexican government over the past several years reminds one that an unstable Mexico could represent a homeland security problem of immense proportions to the United States."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

China Grows to World's Third-Largest Economy


" If China were to continue to grow at its current rate, economists say it could surpass Japan in as soon as three years and the United States in 18 years to become the world's No. 1 economy."


As heard on the PETER BOYLES show/KHOWAM.

"In other bankruptcy news, Interstate Bakeries Corp. said that it is still trying to secure financing to emerge from Chapter 11. The company — known for its Twinkies and Wonder Bread, among many other products — said that investors and lenders have been unable to work out the arrangements for a $125 million credit line from General Electric Capital Corp. and GE Capital Markets, according to the Kansas City Star. The loan is part of the $600 million financing package needed to emerge from bankruptcy, the paper noted. The baking company has a Feb. 9 deadline to get the deal done, according to the report. "We continue to work diligently and continue to make progress and hope to reach a positive conclusion," spokesman Lew Phelps told the newspaper."


Grupo Bimbo

"Bimbo Bakeries USA is affiliated with Mexican- based Bimbo Bakeries.
Founded in 1945, Grupo Bimbo is one of the three largest baking companies
in the world in terms of production and sales volume"

Hillary Talks About More Involvement of the UN

Yesterday on a radio talk show I heard a sound bite of Hillary extolling the competency of the UN. I thought, oh boy, here we go. Our future Secretary of State already positioning herself to give the UN (and international treaties) more power. When will we wake up to the fact that globalism is not in the interest of the United States. I am not an isolationist but I do know the value of taking care of yourself first.

And the conflicts of interest in Hillary's appointment are too numerous to list and yet where is the outrage? (How about the Treasury Secretary nominee who fails to pay his taxes to the tune of $36,000.00 and our elected representatives think it is no big deal.)

SOROS FLUNKY RUNS OBAMA'S PRO-U.N. POLICY by Cliff Kincaid can be read by clicking the title.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chamber Water Meetings

"The chairman, JR Gomolak and Executive Director, Mike Espiritu have decided to have the Water committee meetings every other month. This is in order for all attendees to get the opportunity to hear the presenters. The dates for 2009 are listed below:
The next meeting will be Monday, March 9, 2009.
May 11
July 13
September 14
November 9"

ORF will continue to post notice of meetings in the Mark Your Calendar a week or two before each meeting.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Heath Haussamen Has Guest Column by John Dendahl

John Dendahl doesn't mince words in his column on Richardson (click title). Some of the topics include "Corruption is endemic in NM", "PRI-style ruthlessness", "Pay to-play", "A dictator as well", and "A pandering liar". What is shocking is Republican response to requests for campaign contributions and their fear of retaliation for supporting an opponent to Richardson.

Another must read is at the same site in the following article titled "NYT explores guv's dealings, NM's lack of ethics laws". You can access the NYT's story on Haussamen in the article or click here:

A quote from Richardson in the NYT piece:

“I don’t give any extra access to somebody that
contributes,” Richardson said in that 2007 interview. “But I’ll remember that
person, and I’ll say: ‘Jeez, that guy helped me. Maybe I can help

Commissioner Rardin Speaker at People for Otero County

As noted above in Mark Your Calendar. Here are some of Ronny's thoughts on the Game Commission:
Subject: Game Commission Meeting
After listening very carefully to the problem at hand, I can only come to one conclusion. The law is already written in black and white, if the game commission takes any more action on this matter it can only add confusion and cause trouble by trying to fix a problem that runs much deeper than any written words can fix. Our Sheriff dept. must be brought in when someone violates the law, trespassing in a criminal offence, and "knowingly" can be proven. When a person will destroy private property by cutting fences, ramming gates, tearing down signs, this is "knowingly" breaking the law. When a person comes across some unmarked land and does nothing else except finds him self lost, is that really breaking the intent of the law.

I hope the game dept. follows the definition of the state law and encourages the hunters and land owners to follow it too. No matter how many pleas are made, no matter how many laws are written, they will only apply to those who respect and follow the law, and those laws already exist. If the Commission writes laws that go above the law in the Statues, the courts will be challenged and the original law written by the Legislators will be followed anyway.

It would be nice to see the land owners and hunter work together to stop those who insist on making life hard on us all.

That's just my thought, I don't get to vote on this, and I really glad I don't, see you Saturday the 17th at 6... I have some good Ideas for that one. Ron Rardin

"Climate Czar" Looks Like A Czarina To Me

Check out the definition of a czar. Russian in origin with a Y chromosome. I am not happy that we complacently allow our federal government to become populated with czars (male monarchs or emporers) of any ilk. I know Monty Python would have field day with it but it that where we want to go? I digress though....

Click on title for full story.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Praise the Lord and Pass the Uncoded Ammunition

What looks like a map for divide and conquer is just that. Go to Ammunition by clicking the title and follow the progress (or lack thereof) of new laws to require CODED AMMO, not by the box put by the SHELL.

"The bill that is being pushed in 18 states requires all ammunition to be encoded by the manufacturer, a data base of all ammunition sales. Now they will know how much you buy and what calibers. Nobody can sell any ammunition after June 30, 2009 unless the ammunition is coded.

Any privately held uncoded ammunition must be destroyed by July 1, 2011.(Including hand-loaded ammo.) They will also charge a .05 cent tax on every round so every box of ammo you buy will go up at least $2.50 or more! If they can deprive you of ammo they do not need to take your gun."

Thanks for the info, Ronnie.

Congress Can't Do It But A Park Superintendent Can?

In light of Superintendent Kevin Schneider's scheduled appearance at the Otero County Work Session, I thought it prudent to go back and see if Mr. Schneider has changed anything in the way of policy since Cliff Spencer. Please feel free to use labels section in the lower right hand corner to access previous postings on White Sands National Monument (WSNM).

At the WSNM website you will find in the left hand upper left a tab entitled Management. Click on that and be directed to a section where you can click on Laws & Policies and Cultural Landscapes Inventory. Under Laws & Policies you can go to Superintendent's Compendium and you will find:

Section 2.51 Public Assemblies and Meetings
(a) Permits are required for any public assemblies, meetings, gatherings or other public
expressions of views in the monument. Locations of the event must be included in the
permit and approved by the Superintendent. Written applications for permits must be
submitted to the Superintendent at least 72 hours prior to the date desired for the event.
(c) The Superintendent must issue or deny a public assembly request within two business
(d) If the Superintendent denies a permit, the applicant must be informed in writing of the
reason(s) for the denial.
(e) All areas inside the Monument are available for 1st amendment requests unless excluded
here and shown on appendix B. The following locations are not available:
· Inside any building.
· The patio area between the Visitor Center and Gift Shop.
· Within 25’ of the entrance to the Visitor Center, Nature Center, Administrative
Office or Gift Shop.
· Residential area.
· On or within 25’ of roadway.

Scroll down to Appendix for diagrams of "First Amendment Activities Excluded/Prohibited In Red Areas".

On the lighter side, but not much because of the implications, horse trailers can only be parked in Area 34 or otherwise stipulated by law enforcement. Whew, I thought it was a mighty long ride from the Northeast 30 where a horse corral was built by a "private horse club" to where you can park your trailer.

I could and will go on and on in future posts, but for now I ask the question who gave any Superintendent the authority to exclude or prohibit First Amendment Rights? And can this be answered without hairsplitting the differences between laws, policies, regulations? I think not but that does not prevent me from trying to let you know what is going on. In closing,

"The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that expressly prohibits the United States Congress from making laws "respecting an establishment of religion" or that prohibit the free exercise of religion, laws that infringe the freedom of speech, infringe the freedom of the press, limit the right to peaceably assemble, or limit the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. ..."

Does FDIC FULLY Insure Your Money?

People are wondering if there money on deposit at FDIC institutions is fully insured. Here are two sites that may give you pause. As to FDIC changing its rules recently, that is one I will have to research further.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

As We Go Marching by John T. Flynn

Being a certifiable skeptic, not enough to warrant clinical intervention, I decided to check the sources of Mary Starrett's commentary in NewswithViews today entitled BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES BROUGHT POLICE STATE TO AMERICA. The result is a book written over 60 years ago. From the first chapter:

I · The Bad Word

FASCISM HAS ATTAINED to the dignity of a cuss word in
America. When we disagree with a man's social or political arguments,
if we cannot reasonably call him a communist, we call him a
fascist. The word itself has little more relation to its original and
precise object than a certain well-beloved American expletive has
to the harmless domestic animal it actually describes. But fascism is
something more than a bad name. If we are to have an eye cocked
for fascism and fascists in this country we had better be sure we
know a fascist when we see one. Of course we will recognize him in
an instant if he will go about in a Bundist uniform or storm
trooper's black shirt. But what if he wears no such uniform, has
never learned to goose step, speaks with no German gutturals or
Italian gestures but in excellent seaboard English and is, in fact,
a member of a patriotic American society or labor union and actually
hates Hitler and Mussolini and wants them trapped, tried,
and strung up—how then will we detect him?

Read the whole book, or parts, online by clicking the title.

Let Them Eat Cookies and Spacepork

Photo by RRL
Go to ADN's Topix for information on lawsuit, one of many if it plays out like Sunbaked, filed against Marietta Biscuits. Also check out the links provided by Michael Morris. Here is one: Now we are toying with sending snow globes into space?

Friday, January 2, 2009

What Happens When Liberals and Conservatives Agree?

What is that smell? Moral rot. It is distinguishable by anyone who cares to admit it.

It was even listed by Farrah/WND as one of the reasons for the literal disintegration of the American way of life in one of yesterday's posts.

One of my Christmas presents was a book entitled The Cheating Culture by David Callahan. I knew pretty soon that Mr. Callahan and I were not going to agree about party issues but I cannot disagree with much he says. This book came out in 2002 well before my awareness of the illegal immigration catastrophe, bail outs, bail ins (economic development of any stripe), Agenda 21, etc.

The question is can we all agree that we have a problem? If not, just continue to hold your noses in the hopes that it will go away. Click on the title and you will be taken to The Cheating Culture website where you can read the first chapter for yourself.

Then if you have a suggestion as to how to get this problem front and center and in the minds of all Americans or even just people in Otero County, contact ORF.


Title click to read article in RIA NOVOSTI.

"Asked why he expected the U.S. to break up into separate parts, he said: "A whole range of reasons. Firstly, the financial problems in the U.S. will get worse. Millions of citizens there have lost their savings. Prices and unemployment are on the rise. General Motors and Ford are on the verge of collapse, and this means that whole cities will be left without work. Governors are already insistently demanding money from the federal center. Dissatisfaction is growing, and at the moment it is only being held back by the elections and the hope that Obama can work miracles. But by spring, it will be clear that there are no miracles."


The breakup of the U.S. by Joseph Farah/WND

Group Wins Major Animal ID Dispute; USDA Cancels Mandatory Premises Registration Directive

R-CALF United Stockgrowers of America

Fighting for the U.S. Cattle Producer”


For Immediate Release                                                                               Contact: Shae Dodson, Communications Coordinator

December 29, 2008                                                                                 Phone:  406-672-8969; e-mail:


Group Wins Major Animal ID Dispute;

USDA Cancels Mandatory Premises Registration Directive



Billings, Mont. – Just over a month after R-CALF USA sent a formal letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service-Veterinary Services (APHIS-VS) demanding that the agency retract Memorandum No. 575.19 issued on Sept. 22, 2008, APHIS-VS officially canceled that particular memo on Dec. 22, 2008.


Memorandum 575.19 mandated premises registration under the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) for producers engaged in interstate commerce and who participate in any one of the dozen or more federally regulated disease programs.


R-CALF USA told the agency in its Nov. 10, 2008, letter that the memo “constitutes an unlawful, final regulatory action initiated and implemented without public notice or opportunity for comment, as required by the Administrative Procedure Act,” and must be retracted.


“We caught USDA in the unlawful act of trying to convert what was promised to be a completely voluntary animal identification system into a mandatory NAIS, and the agency backed down,” said R-CALF USA President/Region VI Director Max Thornsberry, a Missouri veterinarian who also chairs the group’s animal health committee. “This goes to show how an organized group of cattle producers can effectively defend their rights if they stand and fight together.”


The cancellation memorandum issued by APHIS-VS on Dec. 22, 2008, states, “VS Memorandum No. 575.19 dated September 22, 2008, is hereby canceled.” 


“This action by USDA confirms what we’ve been saying all along – that USDA does not have the authority to implement NAIS and it is using underhanded and unlawful methods to coerce independent cattle producers into giving up their rights to their property,” said Kenny Fox, who chairs the group’s animal identification committee.


“R-CALF USA encourages producers to not register their premises under the NAIS and to immediately request that their names and property be removed from the NAIS database if they had previously registered under USDA’s coercive actions,” Fox urged.


The new APHIS-VS memo further states that APHIS-VS “has an established procedure for producers who request their premises record be removed from the NAIS premises databases.”    


R-CALF USA advocates that USDA should use and improve existing disease traceback methods including state-sanctioned brand programs that do not require individual producers to register their property under a national premises registration program in order to improve USDA’s disease traceback capabilities.


“There is no need to violate producers’ private property rights to accomplish this objective, and R-CALF will continue to work with Congress and USDA to improve our existing systems, but we will not tolerate the type of government intrusion on our industry that USDA envisioned with NAIS,” Fox concluded.


Note: To view/download R-CALF USA’s letter or the new APHIS-VS memorandum, please visit the “Animal Identification” link at or contact R-CALF USA Communications Coordinator Shae Dodson to request copies.


                                                                                                             # # #


R-CALF USA (Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the continued profitability and viability of the U.S. cattle industry. R-CALF USA represents thousands of U.S. cattle producers on trade and marketing issues. Members are located across 47 states and are primarily cow/calf operators, cattle backgrounders, and/or feedlot owners. R-CALF USA has dozens of affiliate organizations and various main-street businesses are associate members. R-CALF USA directors and committee chairs are extremely active unpaid volunteers. For more information, visit  or, call 406-252-2516.   



If your kid comes home in a red windbreaker and addresses you as 'comrade' might want to explore the possibility that your child was signed up for community service...

Here's a couple of links about change, on-going community service and communism.  


From the CITY YEAR website:

"President-elect Obama Posts National Service Plan

Presidential leadership has been a catalyst for new national service programs throughout history, including Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Civilian Conservation Corps, John F. Kennedy and the Peace Corps, and William J. Clinton and AmeriCorps.  On the website, President-elect Obama has declared his intention to grow AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps.  His plans include new service organizations to meet specific challenges, including a Classroom Corps to help underserved schools.  He has also suggested that all college students who engage in 100 hours of community service should receive a fully-refundable tax credit of $4,000 for their education."


Title click to read story in New Mexico Business Weekly.


Title click to read story in the TELEGRAPH/UK.


Title click to read story in the TELEGRAPH/UK.

"Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's ebullient chief executive, threatened to "kill" Google and "bury" its chief executive during a foul-mouthed tirade against the internet search engine giant, according to court documents."

NM Private Land - Written Permission Issue

Fw: NM Private Land - Written Permission Issue‏
From:R L & Patty Posey
----- Original Message -----

Subject: NM Private Land - Written Permission Issue

The rule Game and Fish want to establish. They are getting a lot of pressure from one certain hunting group that really does not represent most sportsmen interest, but they show up to meetings.  If you can’t make it to the meeting please send in comments or Call R.J. at the number given. Please see the attached form for the new rule and address to submit comments to.  


Please see below NM Statue. I have posted this so you can determine for yourselves what Posting you need to comply with NM Statue and also note criminal trespass, especially 34-14-1 (E), the game commission has not been following this, They have been giving less than 3 years, if you notice the law it says, no less than 3 years. Might want to address these in your comments.

From: Kirkpatrick, R J., DGF [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 8:59 AM

Subject: Private Land - Written Permission Issue


As all are aware, the Department has been directed to work with interested parties to develop draft language that will establish the licensing requirements and restrictions for hunting on private lands as well as the penalties, including the seizure of unlawfully taken animals, if these requirements are not met.


Attached you will find a document that gives a brief summary of the issue, draft language developed by the Department for all to consider, and information about a “discussion forum” to be held by the State Game Commission where individuals can voice there ideas and concerns.


Please take a look at this and plan to attend the meeting or get your ideas and concerns back to us.


This information is also posted on our web-site, so if you know of other folks who would like to see it you may direct them there.


Thank you for your interest and willingness to help resolve this issue and feel free to call me @ 505-660-6187 if you have any questions prior to the meeting.





30-14-6. No trespassing notice; sign contents; posting; requirement; prescribing a penalty for wrongful posting of public lands.









A.     The owner, lessee or person lawfully in possession of real property in New Mexico, except property owned by the state or federal government, desiring to prevent trespass or entry onto the real property shall post notices parallel to and along the exterior boundaries of the property to be posted, at each roadway or other way of access in conspicuous places, and if the property is not fenced, such notices shall be posted every five hundred feet along the exterior boundaries of such land.   









B.     The notices posted shall prohibit all persons from trespassing or entering upon the property, without permission of the owner, lessee, person in lawful possession or his agent. The notices shall:   









(1)     be printed legibly in English;   









(2)     be at least one hundred forty-four square inches in size;   









(3)     contain the name and address of the person under whose authority the property is posted or the name and address of the person who is authorized to grant permission to enter the property;   









(4)     be placed at each roadway or apparent way of access onto the property, in addition to the posting of the boundaries; and   










30-14-1. Criminal trespass.









A.     Criminal trespass consists of knowingly entering or remaining upon posted private property without possessing written permission from the owner or person in control of the land. The provisions of this subsection do not apply if:   









(1)     the owner or person in control of the land has entered into an agreement with the department of game and fish granting access to the land to the general public for the purpose of taking any game animals, birds or fish by hunting or fishing; or   









(2)     a person is in possession of a landowner license given to him by the owner or person in control of the land that grants access to that particular private land for the purpose of taking any game animals, birds or fish by hunting or fishing.   









B.     Criminal trespass also consists of knowingly entering or remaining upon the unposted lands of another knowing that such consent to enter or remain is denied or withdrawn by the owner or occupant thereof.  Notice of no consent to enter shall be deemed sufficient notice to the public and evidence to the courts, by the posting of the property at all vehicular access entry ways.   









C.     Criminal trespass also consists of knowingly entering or remaining upon lands owned, operated or controlled by the state or any of its political subdivisions knowing that consent to enter or remain is denied or withdrawn by the custodian thereof.   









D.     Any person who enters upon the lands of another without prior permission and injures, damages or destroys any part of the realty or its improvements, including buildings, structures, trees, shrubs or other natural features, is guilty of a misdemeanor, and he shall be liable to the owner, lessee or person in lawful possession for civil damages in an amount equal to double the value of the damage to the property injured or destroyed.   









E.     Whoever commits criminal trespass is guilty of a misdemeanor. Additionally, any person who violates the provisions of Subsection A, B or C of this section, when in connection with hunting, fishing or trapping activity, shall have his hunting or fishing license revoked by the state game commission for a period of not less than three years, pursuant to the provisions of Section 17-3-34 NMSA 1978.   









F.     Whoever knowingly removes, tampers with or destroys any "no trespass" sign is guilty of a petty misdemeanor; except when the damage to the sign amounts to more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), he or she is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to imprisonment in the county jail for a definite term less than one year or a fine not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) or to both such imprisonment and fine in the discretion of the judge.   









G.     This section, as amended, shall be published in all issues of "Big Game Hunt Proclamation" as published by the department of game and fish.